BAR-U-EAT: A Colorado Brand Redefining Snacking

BAR-U-EAT- A Colorado Brand Redefining Snacking
Photo Courtesy: BAR-U-EAT

Get to Know BAR-U-EAT and find excellent way to treat yourself right after Global Wellness Day

The days that passed following Global Wellness Days served as the perfect occasion to reflect on health and well-being. This year, why not mark the day by trying out a product that embodies wellness and sustainability? BAR-U-EAT, a thriving Colorado-based brand that is redefining healthy snacking with its delicious and nutritious granola bars comes to mind almost immediately.

BAR-U-EAT, A Bar-To-Try

Founded by childhood friends Sam Nelson and Jason Friday, BAR-U-EAT emerged from a shared vision to create a healthier, more sustainable snack option. Sam’s inspiration came during his days as a sea kayaking and trekking guide in Iceland, where he discovered a handmade energy bar that became his favorite snack. Unable to find a similar product upon returning to Steamboat Springs, CO, he decided to craft his own using simple, wholesome ingredients. With Jason’s marketing expertise, BAR-U-EAT officially launched in October 2019, quickly gaining a reputation for its commitment to quality and sustainability.

Hyperfocused on Wellness

BAR-U-EAT’s granola bars are a testament to their dedication to wellness. Made from high-quality, organic ingredients, these bars are free from preservatives, oils, and fillers. Key ingredients like medjool dates, rolled oats, and local honey provide natural energy, support immune function, and reduce inflammation. Each bar offers a perfect balance of nutrients to fuel your body, making them an ideal snack for health-conscious individuals and adventurers alike.

Photo Courtesy: BAR-U-EAT

Sustainability at the Core

What sets BAR-U-EAT apart is their unwavering commitment to sustainability. The company is a pioneer in the industry, being the first to offer BPI-certified compostable bar wrappers. These plant-based wrappers are made from renewable, sustainably sourced wood and corn, ensuring minimal environmental impact. This innovative approach to packaging reflects BAR-U-EAT’s belief that good health begins with a healthy planet.

Celebrating Global Wellness Day

The season following Global Wellness Day is a time to prioritize your health, and BAR-U-EAT makes it easy to do just that. Whether you’re planning a hike, hitting the gym, or simply enjoying a peaceful day at home, their granola bars provide the perfect nutritious snack to keep you energized. With a unique texture that’s both soft and chewy, yet still crunchy, these bars are as delightful to eat as they are beneficial for your health.

A Brand with Personality

BAR-U-EAT’s founders, Sam and Jason, have infused their brand with a sense of fun and adventure. They understand that while health and sustainability are serious matters, the brand’s messaging doesn’t have to be. This playful approach has helped BAR-U-EAT reach a wider audience, making healthy snacking enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

BAR-U-EAT- A Colorado Brand Snacking
Photo Courtesy: BAR-U-EAT

Support Local, Eat Well

Choosing BAR-U-EAT is not just about enjoying a tasty snack; it’s also about supporting a local business that prioritizes community and environmental stewardship. Based in Hayden, Colorado, BAR-U-EAT operates out of its own facility, ensuring strict quality control and providing jobs in a transitioning coal community. By purchasing their products, you’re contributing to a more sustainable future and supporting local entrepreneurship.

Exciting Developments

As BAR-U-EAT continues to grow, they remain committed to innovation and expansion. They are set to launch a unique dog ambassador program called “Bark-Bassadors,” designed to engage pet owners and promote their mission of sustainability. With plans to enter new markets and increase distribution, BAR-U-EAT is poised to become a household name in healthy snacking.

This season, take the opportunity to discover BAR-U-EAT, a brand that perfectly aligns with the principles of health and sustainability. Their delicious granola bars, made from the finest organic ingredients and wrapped in compostable packaging, are the perfect addition to your wellness journey. By choosing BAR-U-EAT, you’re not only nourishing your body but also supporting a company dedicated to making the world a better place, one granola bar at a time.

Sam Nelson and Jason Friday, the dynamic duo behind BAR-U-EAT, are revolutionizing the snack industry with their dedication to quality and sustainability. Recognized for their innovative compostable packaging and nutritious, delicious granola bars, BAR-U-EAT exemplifies mindful consumerism. Discover how they are making wellness fun and accessible at and become part of their journey towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

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