ArieCan Productions Continues to Significantly Make Its Way to the Top With Their Baltimore-Inspired Series

Baltimore sits as a major city in Maryland, known for its long and rich history and its riveting culture. It is also home to many talented people who are more than eager to share their God-given flair with the world. Among these gifted individuals are Larry Harris and Leonard Martin, the brilliant minds behind ArieCan Productions.

Founded in 2017 by Harris and Martin, ArieCan Productions became a canvas for creativity and quality content. So it certainly did not take very long before ArieCan came up with something that instantly became a huge success. Chapter 2 is an original web series released by the production company in September 2017. It follows the life and adventures of one newly single Jonathan who has to deal with his problems and his overbearing mother. The series was put up on YouTube and has since garnered an impressive number of views. Since its 2017 release, this dramedy has accumulated over 330,000 views from the first nine episodes. Now, Chapter 2 is on its third season, and it continues to attract curious individuals and loyal fans alike. 

The company name ArieCan is based on its founders’ astrological signs; Larry Harris is an Aries, while Leonard Martin is a Cancer. The slogan “It starts with a dream” became their way of life. Besides the apparent success that Chapter 2 has given these two talented individuals, they are on their way to releasing other productions, including Dear Diary, a comedy, and Secrets, a thrilling drama series. 

Both Harris and Martin were born and raised in Baltimore. Harris is the oldest of four children, while Martin is the oldest of five children. Harris has penned an autobiography called The Mask and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Ashworth College in Atlanta, Georgia. Martin graduated from the same college with a degree in Business Administration, but film has always been his passion. 

For both of them, crossing the film threshold was not an easy journey. “We couldn’t get through the doors of anyone else’s projects, so we had to build our door,” Larry recalled. Moving forward by themselves was a significant idea because they could achieve what they had always dreamed of. “So, everything we’re doing now is to help others who are like us—those who have the vision but need that push to get started. ArieCan Productions is big on helping anyone who asks and those who are dedicated and willing to do the work,” he continued. 

Harris and Martin’s goal for ArieCan is for it to be a household name in the film industry and build opportunities for those people in the community who have the same dreams they had. Both men believe that Baltimore is a hotspot for talented individuals, and they want to showcase that in ways that they know-how. 

From humble beginnings, ArieCan Productions sees themselves making it significant years from now. They want to eventually become a premier powerhouse company in Hollywood and make multiple hit shows. Although winning awards will be fun and honorable, Harris and Martin want to prioritize making top-notch films without incentives. However, they assure the public that they will always give everyone quality drama, laughs, and thrills no matter what.

For more information about ArieCan Productions, check out their website.

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