Are You Struggling To Sell Consistently? Sales Expert Eli Wilde Shares How To Overcome Sales Objections

Are You Struggling To Sell Consistently? Sales Expert Eli Wilde Shares How To Overcome Sales Objections
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What if you had all the tools you could possibly need to make the perfect sales pitch every single time? Particularly in the United States, where the competition is fierce, having a proper persuasive sales approach is critical to the well-being of many companies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 14.5 million sales and related occupations in the United States in 2020. That’s a lot of sales for one country. With a number like that, what qualities does it take to stand out in the crowd of sales being pitched to others daily? 

One individual who managed to break the sales pitch mold and stand out is Eli Wilde. Through sheer determination, trial and error, and a strong emphasis on human psychology, Wilde transformed not just his career, but the lives of countless others in the world of sales and business. He has worked with some of the most influential entrepreneurs, sales trainers, and life coaches over the last decade to create an empire unlike any other. 

Becoming A Salesperson

During his early days, Wilde struggled like many other sales people. “I had a lack of confidence and lacked the communication skills needed to succeed.” His insecurity and lack of communication skills made it difficult for him to thrive in a field that demands both confidence and articulation on a daily basis. What really changed Wilde’s life was the discovery of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This program was his very first exposure to psychology, patterns, and human behavior. “After discovering NLP, I was hooked on understanding how humans. Headed and worked. Shortly after that; I connected with a powerful mentor who really helped shaped my life.” During this time, Wilde realized that sales were not simply transactional – they could be transformational if one knew how to communicate effectively.

The World of Proper Communication & Human Psychology 

As Wilde dove deeper into the science of emotions and NLP, he began seeing sales in an entirely new way. He began experimenting with framing, changing context, and reframing meanings for prospects in his field. This came with a ton of trial and error, building of frameworks, and learning from each interaction as they occurred. Wilde’s turn-around from a failing salesperson to sales expert was magical. His understanding of human psychology allowed him to really connect with people and make a difference in their lives further than just selling them a service or item. “NLP was born out of therapy, so while a lot of offing is meaningless to sales, certain modalities are very powerful for understanding behavior and influencing sales.” He collaborated with industry leaders to build their sales programs and  drive 100s of millions of revenue to their companies – all based on human psychology and behavior patterns. 

Training Others To Have Success

Today, Eli Wilde is a celebrated sales expert who has produced over $100 million in sales in his career lifetime. He is the creator of Wilde Influence and has worked with thousands to transform their lives and businesses through the use of human psychology and proper communication techniques. His business is centered on an 8-week bootcamp where he teaches his proprietary “NLP for Sales” concept where he shows that these concepts are not just theoretical but are tools that Eli himself used to become a top performer in his industry and help salespeople around the world to do the same. 

In Summary

Eli Wilde’s journey from a struggling salesman to a sales influencer is one that has inspired many and continues to do so through his education platform and speaking. With his deep understanding of human psychology and proper communication, he has not only transformed his own life but has also made a lasting impact on others and their own lives. Wilde seeks to continue his mission of transforming salespeople into effective communicators who can make a real difference in both the sales world and clients’ personal lives. “I don’t want to just create success salespeople; I want people to be successful in every area of their life.”

Be sure to follow Eli Wilde for more tips and information at Wilde Influence or follow him on his social media for more tips and information about what he does and how he has successfully trained over 250,000 salesmen in hundreds of industries.


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