Almat Mukhtarov’s Driving Smart TMS: Revolutionizing American Logistics and Freight Transportation

Almat Mukhtarov's Driving Smart TMS: Revolutionizing American Logistics and Freight Transportation
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The United States boasts a highly developed economy, with an indispensable component being freight transportation, which plays a pivotal role across all sectors of industry and commerce. The importance of trucks ceaselessly ferrying various cargoes along America’s roads, including essential goods, cannot be overstated. They are the linchpin that upholds the social well-being of the population.

However, to ensure the vitality of this economic artery and the punctual and pristine delivery of every cargo, it’s imperative to not only maintain the vehicles but also prioritize the welfare of the drivers. This vision was conceived by Almat Mukhtarov, the proprietor of Chicago-based transportation company, A2V Logistics Inc. He conceived and developed the groundbreaking cloud-based software, Driving Smart TMS, which allows for the complete automation of all logistics processes.

What makes Driving Smart TMS stand out

In the realm of freight transportation, data collection and analysis are of paramount importance, regardless of the size of the company’s fleet or the volume of orders. Driving Smart TMS automates these processes, meticulously documenting financial flows, cargo movements, staff working hours, and current expenditures.

The program efficiently collates and stores data regarding the number of orders over any given period, enabling the optimal allocation of drivers’ working hours and transportation loads. With Driving Smart TMS, you can confidently plan trips weeks in advance, assured of a disruption-free journey.

Given that fuel stands as a significant expense for transportation companies, the application encompasses various sections dedicated to fuel management. Specifically, Driving Smart TMS tracks the actual fuel consumption of each vehicle per mile, provides timely notifications of advantageous fuel purchase opportunities, and offers information on the locations of refueling stations.

For company owners, managers, and accountants, Driving Smart TMS unlocks novel possibilities in personnel management and efficiency control of the logistics process. By meticulously recording employee work hours, the program facilitates equitable compensation for drivers, dispatchers, and equipment service technicians.

Furthermore, Almat Mukhtarov’s software is equipped to objectively evaluate the performance of each team member, recommend timely training for specific employees, and assist company owners in identifying top performers for additional rewards.

Additional advantages of Almat Mukhtarov’s software

The capacity to scan shipping documents, driver’s licenses, and vehicle documents in Driving Smart TMS significantly streamlines document management and reporting within the company. Additionally, the cloud service grants employees access to all pertinent data while ensuring its security. This approach expedites and enhances communication among specialists and expedites the decision-making process, even for the most challenging choices.

As an added benefit, if necessary, Driving Smart TMS can even facilitate the establishment of a remote office and enable access to information from any location in the world!

The Future of American Logistics

Almat Mukhtarov, originally from Kazakhstan, relocated to the United States with his family in 2015. Settling in Chicago, Illinois, he is an alumnus of the Academy, a member of the global GMUNET mega-university network, holding a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance, and a nominee for the “Manager of the Year” award in top management. He began his career as a truck driver.

Three years later, having conducted a comprehensive analysis of the logistics market, Almat Mukhtarov founded his own company, A2V Logistics Inc., which presently operates 30 active vehicles and reports an annual turnover of seven and a half million dollars.

Among Almat Mukhtarov’s regular clients are esteemed entities such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Home Depot, Macy’s, Walmart, Costco, Dollar General, Cold Storage, John Deere, Coca-Cola, Menards, Morton Salt, Verizon, Amazon, GM Motors, Lexmark, Graphic Packaging, HP, LG. In 2019, during the global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, A2V Logistics Inc. was commissioned by FEMA to distribute essential goods throughout the United States.

“I firmly believe that an effective business model in logistics is unattainable without process automation, transparent management, and sound analytics. This is why, in the development of Driving Smart TMS, I have integrated the most critical factors that significantly impact the profitability and efficiency of logistics companies,” declares Almat Mukhtarov.

Until now, there has been a dearth of robust software solutions in the U.S. freight transportation sector that could bring order to the operations of transportation companies. Carriers were constrained to rely on email correspondence and mobile phones. The primary documentation, to this day, largely consists of cumbersome paperwork.

This predicament leads to inconsistent workloads for drivers, excessive financial and fuel costs, and complications in route planning. Thanks to Driving Smart TMS by Almat Mukhtarov, routine logistics processes can now be entrusted to cloud-based software, ensuring the stability and safety of both transportation and cargo, as well as the well-being of the workforce.

According to economic experts, the structured approach and transparent management advocated by Almat Mukhtarov in his development will enable American carriers to optimize fuel and labor expenses, reduce billing errors, and capitalize on favorable fuel purchase opportunities.

Technical experts who have evaluated Driving Smart TMS have asserted that logistics companies aspiring to claim a significant share of the dynamic sector must expeditiously automate their operations using Driving Smart TMS. This will position them favorably and significantly enhance the overall economy of the United States. Isn’t that remarkable?


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