Alan Aragon: Nutrition Luminary and Pioneer of Evidence-Based Fitness

For more than three decades, Alan Aragon has been a pillar of nutrition research and education. The reach of his influence extends across the fitness industry, pushing it significantly towards evidence-based information. Renowned clients such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Derek Fisher, and Pete Sampras stand as testimonials to his success and expertise.

For the public and fitness professionals, Aragon’s work is not just a repository of nutritional information but a guide to unlocking personal potential. His provocative insights coupled with his practical approach to fitness and nutrition have led him to be one of the most vouched names in the field.

Beyond individual guidance, Alan produces a monthly research review, the AARR (Alan Aragon’s Research Review). Here, he uncovers the latest in nutrition, training, and supplementation research, providing not just theoretical information but practical applications coming from his pool of experience spanning over two decades. He critically scrutinizes and analyses current research, sharpening his reports with the whetstone of personal expertise.

Moreover, Alan’s work is not confined to personal publications. His contributions to popular magazines and peer-reviewed scientific literature bear the stamp of his knowledge and understanding of nutrition and fitness. His paper, ‘Nutrient Timing Revisited,’ co-authored for the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN), has received the highest views in the history of the journal. His flagship contributions also include the highly regarded ISSN Position Stand on Diets & Body Composition, consolidating his position as one of the most influential voices in sports nutrition.

One of Alan’s emphasis points is the intricate relationship between mental and physical health. He explores how the two health aspects are interwoven, reinforcing each other for the holistic well-being of individuals. His approach underlines that food does not invariably cause inflammation, and he educates about mood uplifting foods that are easy to incorporate in daily meals.

Alan also challenges preconceptions, uncovering truth about industry-funded research. His unflagging attention to detail and determination to uncover the facts presents a refreshing and ethically sound take on prevalent wellness trends. Laterally, Alan goes beyond just research and advice in nutrition and fitness. He provides tangible results through his private practice, where he designs programs for professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those determined to enhance their lifestyle.

Alan also dedicates his profound vastness of knowledge to point out overrated wellness trends, educating the fitness community on what to look for when deciding to follow an online fitness influencer or trainer. He provides insights into the most beneficial exercise types for mental health, extending his love of fitness from theory to practice.

Alan Aragon seamlessly intertwines his roles as a researcher, educator, and practitioner in the fitness industry. He adeptly uses his platform not just to contribute to sports nutrition and fitness but also takes the daunting task of separating the wheat from the chaff in fitness research. His brand champions his mission of providing evidence-based information to the fitness community since 1992, the same mission he has followed passionately for over three decades.

To keep up with his work, discoveries, and the latest in nutrition research and evidence-based fitness, find him on his website at and on Instagram under the handle ‘thealanaragon.’ Alan Aragon, with his tireless dedication to fitness, is indeed a beacon of knowledge in the world of nutrition and a guiding light to those willing to embrace a healthy lifestyle.


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