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Inner Feminine Beast ™️
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As a CEO, it’s crucial to have a top-performing sales team. Not only does it help keep world-class talent at the company, but it also helps to skyrocket revenue and create a success-driven and loyal company culture. However, as the business grows, there may be a desire to shift from a scalable model to a premium model in order to have less overhead, charge more, and have more time freedom. This is where Inner Feminine Beast ™️  comes in.

Inner Feminine Beast ™️ is a brand founded by Cynthia Stant, a sales expert who helps entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and aspirations. According to her, sales is all about serving and being a solution, and it’s a spiritual practice. Her goal is to help entrepreneurs to create an online experience through authenticity and support, which ultimately helps the company to increase its revenue dramatically through their selling efforts.

Cynthia specializes in working with 7-figure entrepreneurs who have sales teams and teaching them how to improve their sales performance. She also helps 6-figure entrepreneur women to get to 7-figures by switching from a scalable business model to a premium business model, where they work less, earn more money, and attract clients who see their value. In addition, she helps these women to create beautiful businesses that lead to luxurious lifestyles, not lifestyles that revolve around a business.

With IFB, entrepreneurs will be able to create a winning sales team and grow their trade, while also achieving their own personal goals. Cynthia’s approach is based on the principle that tapping into the inner feminine beast is crucial for success. She believes that the Inner Feminine Beast ™️ is the highest version of oneself that has the clarity, courage, strength, and power to get it done and see it through.

Cynthia’s passion for helping others is evident in her brand bio. She writes things on her terms, keeps things simple, and makes sure to create a big impact, have more freedom, and never relies on anything outside of herself to be the source of her success or happiness. She leads by example and wants to show other women how to do the same.

One of the unique aspects of IFB is that it’s not just a business, but also a community of like-minded women who are on a journey to success. The IFB Inner Circle is a membership program that provides access to exclusive content, events, and support, as well as the opportunity to connect with other successful women.

In addition to the Inner Circle, Cynthia also offers Executive Sales Coaching, 1:1 Coaching, and VIP Days. The Executive Sales Coaching is a program designed for CEOs and their sales teams, providing customized training, support, and accountability to achieve sales goals and exceed expectations. The 1:1 Coaching is for entrepreneurs who are looking for personalized support and guidance, while the VIP Days are an opportunity for entrepreneurs to have an intensive, one-day coaching session with Cynthia.

Cynthia’s approach to sales is not only effective, but also authentic and empowering. Her focus is not just on achieving sales goals, but also on creating a culture of success, serving others, and living a luxurious life. IFB is a brand that truly stands out in the industry, and its mission is to help entrepreneurs to acknowledge, embrace and see through their potential; it’s a brand that truly understands the needs of executives and it’s capable of guiding them to a successful path. If you’re a CEO looking to improve your sales team, shift to a premium model, and achieve your personal goals, Inner Feminine Beast ™️ is here to help. Visit the IFB website and check out Cynthia’s social media links to learn more about her services and the community of successful women that come along with it. With IFB, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are all on their own journey to success. By working with Cynthia and IFB, you will be able to create a sales team that is not only top-performing, but also authentic and empowering, resulting in a culture of success and a business that truly serves others.

Acknowledge it, embrace it, see it through with Inner Feminine Beast ™️, a brand that will guide you to reach your potential and make the necessary changes to your business to achieve greater results and freedom.

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