5 Things Any Strong B2B Social Post Needs

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Put enough monkeys in a roomful of typewriters and, eventually, they may write a line from Shakespeare – but we’re not convinced they’d ever be able to create a quality social post to boost thought leadership and drive awareness from B2B leads.

Creating consistently strong content for your social media publishing strategy is hard. Every single day, social media is flooded with fresh content – all of created with the sole purpose of attracting the right kind of attention, driving-up those likes and interactions, and generally making a worthwhile impact. 

But the good news is it’s not an impossible task, and plenty of marketers drive incredible ROIs for their brands. Here are five things any good social post needs to feature when you’re looking to drive awareness for your B2B brand. 

1. A high-level theme

It doesn’t matter how original, funny, creative or well-written your content is – if it’s not about a topic that is relevant to your audience, it won’t deliver the ROI you’re hoping for. 

Not only do you want to prioritise relevance in your content, but you’ll also want to take it to the next level: delivering according to the current high-level themes that are actively engaging your audiences right now. 

We all know social media is a never-ending story of trends. When you’re looking to attract B2B audiences, think of high-level themes as fulfilling a similar role. The more you can target them, the more attention you’ll get, and the more you’ll drive your own thought leadership. 

2. A stellar strategy behind it

No social media post – or, more aptly, no effective social media post – is made in a vacuum. Okay, sure, every once in a while, something very randomly ‘pops off’ on social media. The egg that beat Kylie Jenner, for instance, wasn’t the product of some complex and ingenious marketing strategy…or at least we hope. 

So you don’t want to be posting to social media at random. While some posts will be made on a whim based on your real-time social listening insights, others will be part of a clear and consistent schedule that is designed to keep audiences engaged over the long-term. 

3. A CTA and link

While they may seem a little too obvious to deliver, it’s nonetheless true that a good CTA is incredibly powerful, and has a tangible impact on the success of a post. A little motivating language to accompany a great piece of content – and, of course, a link back to your site, does a huge amount of the heavy lifting for you.  

4. Good timing

This brings us back to the importance of a post schedule – and, at the same time, actioning social listening insights. A lot of the time, what separates the successful posts from the unsuccessful posts isn’t quality…it’s good timing vs bad timing. 

5. Ongoing attention

Don’t post and then move onto the next thing. If you spark a conversation in the comments or through direct mentions, make the most of it and engage directly with those audience members. It’s a great way to forge a more personable connection with them and, ultimately, drive business to your site. 


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