20-Something Investment Banker Leaves Wall Street To Launch Denture Care Company

20-Something Investment Banker Leaves Wall Street To Launch Denture Care Company
Photo Courtesy: Dr. B Dental Solutions

By: Tom White

Unbeknownst to most of society, a denture revolution driven by four young professionals in Miami is underway. At the forefront is Jean-Paul Berland, a former investment banker who left a lucrative career on Wall Street to pursue a deeply personal mission in oral healthcare.

Jean-Paul “JP” Berland created Dr. B Dental Solutions to follow a dream he shared with his father, Dr. Lorin Berland – a dentist with over four decades of practice and global recognition as a pioneer in cosmetic dentistry. From the early days of working after school at his dad’s dental office in Dallas to a rising career in the world’s financial capital, JP and Dr. B worked tirelessly together on their shared mission to enhance the lives of the 42 million Americans with dentures, a demographic whose needs have been ignored by mainstream oral care giants for more than half a century.

With just two brands dominating the market share, denture care hasn’t changed in decades despite rapid innovations in relevant technology. Seniors are the fastest-growing demographic in the world. In the US alone, the population of individuals aged over 60 is expected to double from 40 million in 2010 to 80 million by 2040. Yet denture-wearers today are using the same antiquated solutions that their grandparents used 50 years ago.

Dr. B Dental Solutions provides denture wearers with hope, as it caters to the needs of this overlooked population that is in dire need of safe, effective products. The company sets a new standard for the industry by combining modern science with time-tested natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, and tea tree oil. With this approach, Dr. B Dental Solutions is poised to revolutionize denture care for good and forever change the lives of millions of seniors who suffer from pain and discomfort because of their denture products.

Since its inception, Dr. B Dental Solutions has made waves in the industry, securing distribution agreements with the top two dental office chains specializing in dentures. Between a combined 1,600 offices, these dental behemoths delivered a total of 1.5 million in 2022 alone. These partners have exclusively become distributors of Dr. B’s comprehensive denture care system because of its unmatched results. Instead of providing denture care products from complacent conglomerates, denture offices are recommending Dr. B products to clients that make a real difference in their denture experience.

The decision to incorporate Dr. B Dental Solutions as the exclusive denture care system recommended by their offices was made at the highest levels of senior leadership, based on the conviction that helping patients live happier, healthier lives is always good for business. The choice was easy when comparing the old, limited, and ineffective products commonly found in stores with a radically better system that proudly boasts being the only brand to earn multiple American Dental Association Seals of Acceptance.

Despite being out of stock of their best-selling product for almost all of 2023, Dr. B Dental Solutions’ online sales grew 740% year over year. 

Unfortunately, just as the dreams of this father-son duo were being realized – tragedy struck. “Losing my dad was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. I miss him so much every single day.” says JP, “What gives me the strength I need to continue growing the business, leading my team, and supporting my family is the knowledge that my father dedicated his life to helping people, and he made such an important positive impact for countless individuals. With our hard work, we can make sure he’ll continue to help millions of people for a long time to come.”

The narrative of Dr. B Dental Solutions is not just a business success story; it’s a tale of generational change, of paradigm shifts in both product and perception, and of a relentless pursuit of improvement for a community long overlooked. The growth trajectory of this company is exponential, not only through strategic alliances but also through a robust online presence that includes its e-commerce platform and Amazon storefront. 

Dr. B Dental Solutions stands unwavering in the face of multi-billion dollar competitors. The family-owned company fiercely promotes a patient-centered business model, which has been forgotten by its industry peers. One can only hope that such a business excels despite all odds.

Dr. B Dental Solutions is more than just a company; it’s a movement, with Jean-Paul Berland leaving behind the stock market’s ticker tape for a cause that ticks closer to the heart – the well-being and dignity of millions of denture wearers.


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