Zadarma Acquires ‘Fall Top Performer’ Award and Earns ‘Business Innovator’ Finalist

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Zadarma, a prominent player in the world of telecommunications, has clinched the ‘Fall Top Performer’ Award in the Business VoIP Providers category from SourceForge, a renowned software reviews and comparison website. Furthermore, Zadarma has been acknowledged as a ‘Business Innovator’ Finalist in the MVNO Award category by Mobile Europe. SourceForge, boasting its stature as one of the largest software review and comparison platforms globally, bestows these accolades upon companies with a consistent track record of remarkable success stories. In the case of Zadarma, this recognition is a testament to their seamlessly integrated VoIP solution and the profound impact it has had on businesses worldwide, as evidenced by a multitude of favorable customer reviews and positively reviewed products on SourceForge.

Zadarma‘s Chief Technology Officer, Dmytro Tokar, lauded the dedication and commitment of the Zadarma team, expressing, “Winning the SourceForge Fall 2023 Top Performer Award is the culmination of years of tireless effort. We remain steadfast in our pursuit of delivering top-notch VoIP technology. This award serves as a source of inspiration for us to continue refining our cutting-edge telecommunication solution. Zadarma’s success story is a testament to our exceptional team and our ever-expanding base of loyal customers. We are deeply grateful for the positive feedback we’ve received regarding our VoIP phone solution and feel honored to be recognized by SourceForge.”

SourceForge, a platform frequented by nearly 20 million users each month, stands out as a primary destination for user reviews, product comparisons, and software guides. With a mission to assist businesses in finding the best software solutions that align with their needs and budgets, SourceForge is an invaluable resource for businesses seeking reliable reviews.

Zadarma has proven its excellence and innovation by winning the Fall 2023 Top Performer Award from SourceForge, a leading platform for software products. The award recognizes the products that have received the most positive user reviews, placing them in the top 10% of the best-rated items on SourceForge. Zadarma’s achievement reflects its dedication to providing high-quality cloud communication solutions to its customers. The President of SourceForge, Logan Abbott, congratulated Zadarma and praised its outstanding performance, saying, “It is my pleasure to announce the Fall 2023 Top Performers on SourceForge. Zadarma has shown itself as a top performer this fall in the Business VoIP and Business Phone Systems categories, and the many excellent user reviews are evidence of the superb service they offer to their customers. Well done, and keep up the great work!”

Zadarma, a leading provider of cloud communication solutions, has been recognized for its excellence and innovation by two prestigious awards. The company received the SourceForge Award for Best VoIP Software, which honors the top-rated and most popular software products on the SourceForge platform. Zadarma also became a finalist in the Business Innovator category at Mobile Europe, a prominent B2B platform for the telecoms industry that covers the latest trends and strategies in business technology. The Mobile Europe MVNO awards celebrate the achievements and customer focus of the mobile virtual network operators sector.

Exploring Zadarma: A Closer Look at the Telecom Innovator

Founded in 2006, Zadarma has emerged as a global leader in telecommunications. Their smart, cloud-based business phone system eliminates the need for cumbersome hardware and wiring, granting businesses full access to a completely cloud-based office telephone system. 

Zadarma’s advanced communication solutions are the result of years of experience and infrastructure development. They serve a diverse and engaged user community spanning 160 countries. The PBX phone system can be tailored to suit individual or corporate needs and boasts advanced call handling features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), video conferencing, and call transfer, all supported by a dedicated 24/7 customer support team. 

Zadarma extends free access to their cloud PBX, CRM Teamsale, and provides virtual numbers in over 100 countries. Recognized as a trusted VoIP provider, Zadarma is renowned for its seamless and reliable telecommunication services.


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