YouTube Icon Like Nastya Reaches 100 Million Followers and Shares Important Lessons on Content Creation

Contrary to what many people believe, creating content is not easy. After all, producing material that audiences will find worth watching takes time, effort, and careful deliberation. And although anyone can pick up a camera, record videos, and upload them online, only those who remain committed to the ever-evolving art of content creation will thrive. One such remarkable content creator is Like Nastya, a family-oriented YouTube channel dedicated to creating fun and educational videos for kids. 

The account recently surpassed a monumental milestone when it hit over 100 million subscribers on YouTube, making it one of the most subscribed and followed channels on the platform. In addition, it is among the top five most-viewed YouTube channels in the world. Not only that, but its Instagram account has also reached over 500,000 followers this year. 

Based in Miami, Like Nastya features eight-year-old Nastya and her parents, Yuri and Anna Radzinsky. The account first started in 2016 as a hobby where the loving family shared funny home videos. However, because of their endearing personalities, fun-loving nature, and relatable content, the channel grew quickly, earning a worldwide following.

Seeing the massive success of their brand, the Radzinskys decided to elevate it and put their influence to good use. They became entirely devoted to providing audiences with meaningful videos that are still fun but relevant. In keeping with their goal of giving educational entertainment for children and parents, the family tackled various important social topics for kids, such as bullying at school, relationships with parents, and tips to make new friends. 

“We are always open to the new, and it is a great pleasure for us to provide subscribers with new formats. For example, we work closely with a psychologist, Ph.D. with specialization in child psychology, to deliver not only fun but also useful content for our followers,” Nastya’s father, Yuri, proudly shared.

On top of that, Like Nastya demonstrated an impressive commitment to building a lasting connection with their fans and followers by welcoming any insights and input. As Anna excellently explained, “To reach 100 million followers, we constantly follow the trends. It is important to understand what barriers children have today and address them. We are also listening carefully to Nastya’s suggestions for videos. She perfectly understands what is relevant for her age. Regular content uploads and a strong team are also important for success.”

Finally, the channel has made its videos more accessible by creating an initiative responsible for adding subtitles to all of its videos. From its initial stages of having only English, Spanish, and Arabic subtitles, the project now caters to a whopping 19 languages.

Like Nastya is indeed a testament that employs a conscious approach towards content creation, proving to be an excellent way of accomplishing unrivaled success. From its humble beginnings, the family-led account has expanded to a dynamic team of 50 professionals working together to create daily content and upload videos three times a week.

Because of its outstanding dedication to meaningful content creation, the channel has become a household name in many countries, including the US, India, the Middle East, Europe, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, and many more.

Moving forward, Nastya, Yuri, Anna, and their team remain steadfast in their vision of scaling the brand to greater heights while still giving audiences lighthearted, kid-friendly, and educational content.


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