Your Boat Holiday Takes The Yachting Industry By Storm At MYBA Charter Show

Your Boat Holiday Takes The Yachting Industry By Storm At MYBA Charter Show
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The world’s leading luxury charter professionals gathered again after a transitional year for the yachting industry at the MYBA Charter Show in the spectacular Marina Port Vell, Barcelona, Spain. This gathering, held from April 24th to 27th, 2023, attracted attendees from various corners of the globe eager to gain insider knowledge of the industry and discover the best destinations. With travelers increasingly eager to embark on safer voyages, this event marked a significant moment for the yachting industry after a transition period.

One of the notable companies in attendance was Your Boat Holiday, a luxury yacht charter broker with an impressive year in 2022, having secured charter contracts totaling over EUR 2.5 million. Beyond its remarkable financial achievements, YBH has also forged strong partnerships with over 120 yacht charter companies and owners across multiple countries. 

YBH’s participation has provided its brokers with an exclusive opportunity to step aboard yachts and indulge in the onboard cuisine and services. In addition to this immersive experience, the team of charter experts at YBH has generously shared some valuable advice on planning even more extraordinary charter trips. 

Choosing expert charter brokers

Charter brokers pair clients with the ideal yacht and crew, and then they’ll take charge of the entire trip from start to finish. MYBA, the Worldwide Yachting Association, and other professional organizations serve as a directory of industry professionals. 

Your Boat Holiday, a licensed charter broker and maritime agent registered as Mediatore Marittimo in Italy, excels with its handpicked team of the best brokers with no less than ten years in the industry. These professionals uphold the highest standards and quality service, giving attention to detail that includes dietary requirements, likes and dislikes, and other favorite activities of clients. They aim for nothing less than an incredible experience onboard a successful charter tailored to perfection. 

Destinations for first-time charters

 The Mediterranean and the Caribbean have long been favored destinations for vacations, and for good reason. These regions offer many yacht options, particularly ideal for first-time charterers. With well-established cruising grounds and secure anchorages, they provide a sense of familiarity and safety. They are also well-connected and easy-to-access hubs, making getting on and off the yacht quick.

Responding to the high demand for charters in the Mediterranean, YBH has expanded its tailor-made services to the Caribbean. The allure of luxury charters in Greece, Italy, and the French Riviera has grown significantly, especially during major sporting events such as the Monaco F1 Grand Prix and the Saudi Arabia GP, along with other international events.

The Role of captains and crew in elevating the charter experience

YBH understands that securing the right yacht is just the beginning of an exceptional charter experience. The true success of any voyage relies heavily on the dedication and expertise of the captain and crew on board. During the MYBA Charter Show, YBH demonstrated its unwavering commitment to hospitality by engaging with the captains, the crews, and the yacht managers, to understand their experiences fully and deepen their daily responsibilities to guarantee its customers an incomparable on-board service and charter experience. YBH’s brokers were pleasantly surprised to discover the meticulous efforts undertaken by the staff to understand their clients’ preferences, not just to meet them but to exceed them. 

This attention to detail guarantees that each guest embarks on a curated charter experience tailored to their desires. At YBH, the excellence of the captain and crew goes beyond their technical skills; it extends to their ability to create an environment that fosters comfort, enjoyment, and lasting memories.

Sailing towards a sustainable future

Your Boat Holiday stands out as a company that truly cares about the selection of yachts and their crew, ensuring that they offer the very best vessels and services on the market. With years of experience in the industry, YBH has honed their expertise in yacht selection, crew evaluation, and inspecting yachts at shows.

YBH’s dedication to understanding guests’ preferences and requirements sets a new standard for charter experiences. They go the extra mile to listen to their clients, ensuring that every detail of their journey is tailored to their desires. By carefully considering individual preferences, YBH ensures that each charter experience is truly exceptional.

Beyond providing top-notch luxury and curated journeys, YBH also takes pride in actively promoting sustainability and raising awareness about marine ecosystems. They understand the importance of protecting the very environment in which they operate, and their advocacy aligns with the industry’s focus on a more responsible future. By choosing YBH, guests can contribute to a positive impact on the marine environment while enjoying unparalleled luxury.


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