Yevgeniy Kim: When business is a state of mind and a way of life, it is inevitably destined for success

Yevgeniy Kim
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Yevgeniy Kim, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of REDYL LLC, lives and conducts his business by a profound and wise phrase uttered by Honore de Balzac: “To achieve one’s goal, one must only keep going.” The field of business he works in is related to wholesale and retail trade of children’s clothing and footwear in Kazakhstan, as well as trading on Amazon in the USA.

Yevgeniy, as he is called by close friends and family, prepared himself for business from a young age. By engaging in various martial arts and combat sports, he cultivated a strong character, willpower, perseverance, and determination. At the same time, he displayed a remarkable interest in everything related to business and entrepreneurs, reading many books on the subject. While studying in the senior grades of high school, he worked part-time and saved money to start his first business.

Initially, the young man dreamed of developing a tourism business in Kazakhstan. To achieve this goal, he enrolled in Turan University in Almaty to study tourism management. However, a retail store for children’s clothing that he opened in his hometown of Kaskelen in 2005 drastically changed his business plans. Understanding that it is easy to open a store, but difficult to keep it afloat, Yevgeniy actively got involved in the process: he developed a business strategy, found the first partners in China for product supplies, and opened a small wholesale store in Almaty.

In 2009, to better study the Chinese market, he went to Beijing for training. The search for reliable suppliers and the best manufacturers, the establishment of fast logistics and customs clearance bore positive fruits. Now, the enterprising businessman has 1000+ regular clients in Kazakhstan, the CIS and Central Asia, and the company’s annual turnover is 2.0 million dollars.

In addition to wholesale trade, the businessman launched a network of retail stores, which are successfully operating due to a strong team, the right approach to staff development, the development of an effective motivation system, the establishment of managerial accounting and control.

Although not everything always went smoothly. There were also unpleasant moments on the path to success: suppliers failed, defective products were received, and shipments were delayed at the border. Yevgeniy Kim coped with all the challenges commendably, and even a fire in one of the retail stores, which caused losses of over $200,000, did not shake his determination to further develop the business.

Moving to the USA in 2020 opened up new opportunities for him. After studying and considering various business options, he decided to focus on sales on the Amazon platform. In the first year of operation, the businessman realized he made the right choice and was among the top ten sellers. The annual turnover from sales of 1.5 million dollars only confirmed the correctness of his decision.

Yevgeniy confidently continues to pursue his healthy ambitions, working on launching his own children’s clothing line in Kazakhstan. His plans include the development and scaling of his Amazon business in the USA, forming a team of like-minded people to promote his own product.

Yevgeniy Kim owes his success in business not only to himself and sports, which toughened his character, but also to his family, which is his highest value and priority in life.


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