Y. Rená Cooper Joins the List of Iconic Speakers for Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour

Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour is known for the high caliber of speakers often in its lineup. This has been attributed to Shawn’s experience with leadership training experience and expertise. Right on his radar presently is Y. Rená Cooper, an activist against domestic violence, coach and public speaker.

Y. Rená Cooper is a domestic violence activist and coach who has lent her voice loudly to support victims of domestic violence and helped them regain their lives. Being a victim of domestic violence herself, Rená has committed herself to leave no stone unturned when it comes to rescuing people from domestic violence situations. “Seeing victims become victorious survivors and witnessing them thrive is what drives and gives me life,” she affirmed.

Y. Rená Cooper has made her voice into a powerful one in this generation and has drawn many helpless people towards the help they need. As part of her commitment, she established 4 My Voice Matters, a non-profit (501c3) organization that raises funds for and brings awareness to domestic violence and suicide victims and survivors. In addition, she organizes events through the non-profit to raise funds for domestic violence shelters and organizations all over the United States. She also runs a private practice called Y. Rená Unlimited LLC, which offers coaching, masterclasses, public speaking, conference and retreat facilitation.

Her inclusion in The Leadership Experience Tour is no accident. She has an impressive track record of speaking, which interested Shawn Fair and prompted him to tap her to join his exclusive speakers’ club. Y. Rená has spoken at the University of Chicago, the Kimmy G. Foundation’s Beauty for Ashes, the Move Me Soul Youth Dance and Mentoring Program. She’s a member and speaker for Global Woman Club, Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized (P.O.W.E.R) and BE Mississippi Chamber of Commerce. Her speaking engagements have taken her outside the shores of the United States to Jamaica and Mexico.

Shawn Fair and Y. Rená Cooper teaming up like this is a sign of great things set to happen. Putting Shawn Fair’s years of experience in leadership training and the more than 300,000 leaders he has trained in perspective, it leaves little to wonder about why he chose Y. Rená Cooper. As she makes her presence on The Leadership Experience Tour, her most recent book, When Did I Stop Loving You, continues to impact lives and gives people reasons to believe in themselves. The book, released on April 24, 2021, is the second book after releasing her memoir, Assassination Avoided, Destiny Defined in 2019.

Shawn Fair has been lauded for yet again, making a good choice of speaker for The Leadership Experience Tour. The world hopes to see the magic in the works and how one of the most sought-after corporate consultants and a passionate domestic violence activist are going to change people’s lives for the better. “After everything I have survived, it is my destiny to help others know that they too can overcome triggers of traumatic events. We never GET OVER the trauma, but we can learn to maneuver through them and control how we react when a trigger occurs,” Y. Rená revealed. She sees herself traveling all over the world and establishing her non-profit in every part of the world.

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