Empowering Women as Luxury Business Leaders: The Mission of Illuminator Society

Samantha J.
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The harsh reality is that most 7-8+ figure female leaders create success and end up unhealthy and unfulfilled. Unfortunately, many are walking their way towards this reality right now if they have a mass market business model designed in a way that the more your business grows, the more other areas of your life decline as the business sucks more and more of your time and freedom. 

Samantha J. discovered this for herself; as a 22-year-old multi 8 figure award-winning entrepreneur, she had created a great deal of success. However, it came at the expense of burnout, mental health, endometriosis and no time for the other areas of her life. She had been sucked into the hustle culture. 

For many, this is “just business,” and society has normalized scaling one’s business at any cost, even at the expense of one’s personal life. However, in recent years, people have realized that true success is about improving every area of their lives, not just their businesses. This is where the luxury personal brand model comes in, and this is the focus of the Illuminator Society.

Illuminator Society challenges the mass-market business model that prioritizes scale over a balanced life. Instead, the luxury personal brand model helps female CEOs scale to 7-8 figures, with higher profits and more time and freedom for starting a family or spending time with their family. This allows flexibility to work on one’s terms and prioritize personal life while scaling a business and achieving success. 

Samantha J. went on a soulful quest to discover how female entrepreneurs could create this level of success without sacrifice. She traveled to over 20+ countries learning from the leading authorities in neuroscience, shamanism, sacred sexuality, relationship tantra and humanitarian leadership. She created her unique methodology she shares exclusively with the Illuminator Society. Her unconventional approach helps women break through the upper limit of their wealth, relationship and happiness blocks and create deeply fulfilling businesses and lives. 

The Illuminator Society is an intimate behind-the-scenes space to walk beside Samantha J. learning her unique methodology for scaling to 7-8+ figures and getting back time for your love and family life within 12 months. The Illuminator Society is a mixture of a restless mind, 1-1 sessions and international retreats.

The restless mind involves regular online group strategic business advisory and female leadership training to scale you as an entrepreneur, break your upper limits, and receive strategic business advisory support to reach your most ambitious goals. 

The international luxury retreats provide a luxurious and immersive experience where participants can connect with like-minded individuals, sitting beside the medicine men and women that Samantha J. trained with, and experience the techniques in person for enhancing their connection to their sacred sexuality, voice, masculine-feminine energies, relationships and spiritual connection. In 2024 the international retreat will be traveling to Peru.  

The Illuminator Society is designed for female leaders, CEOs, coaches, consultants, course creators and personal brands who want to elevate their business into a luxury brand, get back time and freedom for their love and family life, and scale without sacrificing their life any longer. They know they were born to be an icon then, and they want to build an empire that genuinely has a long-lasting impact on the world! 

One key benefit of the program is the shift of these women’s businesses from mass market to luxury. What would have taken them ten years to create now can take 2-3 years with the higher profit margins of a luxury business model that helps them develop their ideal lifestyle as their business grows in less time. 

With the higher profit margins, this allows women to align a humanitarian cause that is close to their heart and embed this into their personal story, so the more their business grows, the more they can give to the world with causes such as sex trafficking, poverty, climate change, and more. 

Another key benefit of the program is that the higher profit margins enable them to be more supported by teams and systems, so the business runs more without them and helps them to have more flexibility around the continual growth of the company through times like starting a family, desiring to travel, or raising them family and wanting to create memorable experiences with them. 

The blend of spirituality, strategy, self-expression with the techniques like sacred sexuality, shamanism and relationship tantra gives these women a full life reclamation, and to do it in the name of impact along the way! Creating a life and business that fulfills them deeply and makes the world a better place. 

To stay up-to-date with Samantha, follow her on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook, and subscribe to her Illuminator Podcast here for valuable insights. If you want to know more about the Illuminator Society, visit the website and join the wait list if you’re ready for real change, or email Samantha directly at support@iamsamanthaj.com


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