Why Transformational Leadership Will Matter Most in 2023, Maximus International Shares Expertise

Transformational Leadership
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Due to recent global events, the business landscape has changed and is seen to continue its rapid innovations in the next few years. The pandemic triggered what experts call the technological revolution, which forcibly sped up the rate of digitalisation among businesses. High inflation and the threat of recession also left companies with no choice but to mitigate costs by riding the remote work wave to its full extent. 

Remote work has glaring disadvantages, despite how it is favored by many. The lack of physical interaction can pose relational and productivity issues within the workplace. Isolation, lack of motivation, and distractions are just a few of the challenges that remote workers face, inevitably leading to a dire necessity for stronger and more active leadership.

Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership is an approach that goes beyond the transactional relationship in the workplace. Instead of focusing on the key performance indicators of a worker,  transformational leaders aim to develop their people holistically. The motivation comes from beyond pep talks – it stems from how the leaders inspire positive and longer-lasting change in how they work, act, and interact with colleagues and clients. Empowered employees lead to increased productivity, positively impacting the company through higher profitability.

Maximus International has played a pivotal role in changing the future of leadership in the last 20 years, delivering much-needed transformation across the corporate sector, emerging businesses, and non-profit organizations. For the leadership development consultancy, transformational leadership is the only way to successfully navigate the now uncertainty-ridden business landscape. 

The Maximus International way

Maximus International has developed the skills of over 100,000 leaders, ranging from management teams to board members, across virtually every industry category. It partners with clients for the long term, creating profound and sustained change. 

Maximus International helps organizations by transforming three layers of their leadership team:

Uplifting executive leadership starts with a global study tour. The purpose of what is referred to as “The Expedition” is to expose business executives to global players and the best practices in their respective industries. This frequently catalyzes a shift in mindset about what kind of culture they want to build and the team they need to drive their business through transformation. This is often a pivotal point in the process as the outside exposure seals the level of commitment and conviction to move forward with change. 

The Expedition is followed by an immersive executive-level leadership experience comprising customized sessions aligning strategy to purpose and culture, including one-on-one coaching sessions.

Finally, the upper management is taken to masterclass sessions using highly interactive experience design, and the whole experience is wrapped up with personal journaling and individual coaching.

Maximus International customizes its approach based on the organization’s goals and needs. The consultancy firm believes that shaping the leadership journey of its clients goes beyond traditional facilitation and sharp content. Instead, focusing on immersive experiences that truly reflect the clients’ leaders’ unique strategic and operational complexities is highly necessary.

The kind of leadership needed in 2023 onward

“Leadership is not a choice, title, or hierarchy – it’s how you show up, make decisions, lean into other people, and stay true to your conviction everyday. Leadership is where disproportionate growth impacts people’s lives, organizations, and communities,” Brent Duffy, joint Managing Director at Maximus International, shares, “At Maximus, we believed in shaping the leadership journey of clients with more than just traditional facilitation and sharp content. We focus on immersive experiences that truly reflect our clients’ leaders’ unique strategic and operational complexities. We broaden minds and horizons to ignite and sustain a significantly stronger sense of conviction to deliver differently,” he adds.

Maximus International believes that to succeed long term, leaders must run an efficient and profitable core business, but, simultaneously and more importantly, transform what they do and how they do it over time. In other words, evolution must be the marker of a great business. 

Anything less than transformational leadership will be futile in creating a better working environment. People will require more connection and stimulation to function at their best capacity and own the success of their company. Maximus International can help ensure that the businesses transforming the world are in the hands of competent and compassionate leaders.


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