Why Choose Acdelco Parts for Your Car in 2024

Why Choose Acdelco Parts for Your Car in 2024
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Car maintenance innovations have changed the car parts industry. Aftermarket parts have made it easier for car owners to find parts and accessories for cars of all ages, whether it’s a timeless classic from decades of the past or a more modern model that you drive for everyday purposes. GM backs ACDelco parts for all the GM brands to find the parts that keep your vehicle looking and driving its best. You can trust the ACDelco Gold and Silver lines of premium aftermarket parts.

Quality & Compatibility

Car parts designed by the manufacturer often only have one design. When you buy from the manufacturer, you probably only have one option. The aftermarket industry can redesign parts for cars, and in the process, these parts are often improved upon. The ACDelco brand, a division of GM, has a unique positioning in that it is backed by the same company that manufactures the vehicles. High-quality parts that are completely compatible with the OEM parts.

Your Trusted Name for Over 100 Years

ACDelco isn’t a fly-by-night business that won’t be around next year. Although the company’s name has changed over the years, the ethics have not. The original company had close connections to General Motors in 1916 when it was founded. It would take almost 30 years before it became fully integrated with GM, and it became its division in 1944. The Delco name began taking over in about 1960. In 1995, the ACDelco brand name kicked off a new marketing initiative. Still the same company, just under a new logo and name. ACDelco still creates high-quality replacement car parts for Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and other vehicles under the GM umbrella.

Long-Lasting Parts

Buying high-quality car parts means that they meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s equipment,

Using counterfeit parts may save money in the short term, but when these parts break down, it could cause mechanical breakdowns and safety concerns. Look for authentic car parts from an authorized reseller to ensure you aren’t getting fake products that mimic the real thing. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Limited Warranty

It’s one thing to say that a brand makes good products. ACDelco stands behind its promise by offering a limited warranty on its parts. Many products have a 2-year warranty, but some do have a lifetime limited warranty, while others have only a 12-month warranty. To process a warranty-related claim, you should keep all receipts. Proof of purchase is required to make a claim.

Buy With Confidence

Read the reviews when buying car parts, like Fox car parts, ACDelco brand parts, or any other aftermarket parts. Check out the company for its longevity. It might take a little longer to read the specs and related information, but when you take the time to delve into replacement car parts, you’ll feel more comfortable with your purchase. ACDelco parts have a long history of being used in GM vehicles, so you can be confident that the part will last and keep your car running efficiently.


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