Who is Emma sugiyama? Unknown Facts About Trey Parker’s Ex-Wife

Emma Sugiyama is arguably one the most influential and articulate women in Hollywood. She is the ex-wife of Trey Parker, legendary director, producer, writer and star of South Park. During their marriage Emma was a consistent source of support for Trey, who got his start as a cartoonist in college before going on to make—and write—all six seasons that have aired so far.

The history of Trey and Emma’s marriage is well-documented, but let’s just recap quickly: the two met while studying animation at the University of Colorado in 2004. Emma was an American who had been living in Japan since she was 18. The two were married in 2006 when Trey got a job as a writer on Comedy Central’s hit series South Park that life really changed for them. In an interview with them, Emma says: “Trey was making a good living, but he never had figured out what he wanted to do. So we made the decision to start a family. We got hitched in May of ’93 and had a boy, who’s now 15.”

Emma became one of the most recognized voices in animation in general and voice-over work in particular. She was the voice of “Mei” in the successful romantic comedy, How to Train Your Dragon , and was an Executive Producer of the Emmy award-winning, Trollhunters . She has also done voice work for popular series such as Gravity Falls , Where’s My Water? Fred: The Show and Rick and Morty .

Emma is also an accomplished writer. Her work has appeared in South Park fan-zines and in publications like YM magazine. Emma wrote her first script for Trey on their 9th anniversary. It’s called “Trey and Matt in a Movie!” and was written from Trey’s point of view. Despite the fact that her script was never produced, Emma was hired by South Park Studios in 2005 as a Production Manager. She then wrote, directed and produced her own animated short titled Emma and the Animatronic Boy .

While Emma has been the subject of numerous interviews, what people don’t know is that she is also a talented artist.

Emma Sugiyama Is Originally From Asia : 

The first public record of Emma Sugiyama is a 1990 issue of the University of Colorado’s newspaper, the Rocky Mountain Collegian. There’s a photo of Emma and her then-husband, Peter Sugiyama, and they’re crossing their fingers in their “V Cedric” t-shirts to wish him luck on his audition to become a VJ for MTV Japan.

V-Cedric was a new MTV Japan show at the time, where those who were chosen to be VJs would host the channel for six months. Peter Sugiyama ended up being their first VJ from Colorado.

Why Did Emma Sugiyama Marry Trey Parker? :

Trey and Emma met in 2004 when they were both freshmen at CU, but they didn’t start dating until  – a time which they describe as one of their lowest points. Trey says: “We were both really messed up, we were both overweight and going nowhere. We were this couple that was like, ‘I know we shouldn’t be together, but we’re together.'”

Trey Parker met Peter Sugiyama in the dorms and they decided to become best friends. They became roommates, and a guy they knew from the dorms would go on dates with Emma behind her boyfriend’s back. Emma didn’t find out about it until she and her ex had already broken up.

When Emma and Trey started dating, it was a time. When Trey was “obsessed with getting married” because his parents were divorced. Emma and Trey didn’t get married until 2005, but the two were engaged for about four years. When the two met Peter Sugiyama at college, they started calling each other “Brother-In-Law” because they knew they would end up marrying their sisters.

Trey said: “It’s just a weird thing that we had. A lot of our friends thought it was gay.

Emma Rose to Fame After Exchanging Vows With American Celebrity Trey Parker : Emma Sugiyama became more recognizable after her ex-husband, Trey Parker got a job as a writer on Comedy Central’s hit series South Park. She was literally at Trey’s side throughout the whole production of the show. From 1999 to 2005, Emma worked at South Park Studios. As an in-between artist and later as a Production Manager for the company.

Emma and Trey did voice work for some episodes together, such as “Sarcastaball” when she voiced Rob Reiner and Trey voiced Christopher Reeve.

Emma’s Ex-Spouse Is Emmy Award-Winning Animator 

and Voice Over Actress : After Trey and Emma got married, Emma became a much more recognizable voice in animation. The two got to work together on the episode called ” The Death of Eric Cartman “, where Emma voiced one of the killers who was trying to kill everyone’s favorite character, Eric Cartman. One of her other biggest accomplishments was voicing a character named Hazel in the Disney movie Wreck-it Ralph .

Why Did Emma Sugiyama Divorce Trey?

They had no children . The two created the South Park Studios in Colorado. But it wasn’t until Trey’s job at Comedy Central gave them enough money to make a real life of it that they decided to move to Los Angeles. The move also seemed to be what brought Emma and Trey together. They tell the story of how they kept in contact while living apart. Trey says: “We would email each other every single day, we’d talk on the phone every night.” Emma adds: “I mean, we were best friends. And when those two things are done together, you don’t want to lose them.”

Emma and Trey broke apart their marriage in 2010. In an interview with their friend and fellow voice actor Bruce DuBose. They explained that they split because they realized they wanted different things out of life. Trey says: “It was just a matter of time.

What is Her Net Worth?

Emma Sugiyama is originally from Asia, but she lives in Los Angeles and her current net worth is $21 million. As an Emmy-nominated voice actress and production manager, Emma has made millions of dollars. She was the Executive Producer of the Emmy Award-winning Trollhunter, which had a budget of only $400,000.

What Does Emma Sugiyama Do For A Living?

Emma Sugiyama is also a voice actress, known for her roles as Perry. The Platypus in Phineas and Ferb, Tuffnut in DreamWorks’ Dragons: Riders of Berk and Chief O’Hara in Phineas and Ferb. She is also a writer and director. She was a production manager at South Park Studios from 2005-2009.

Emma worked with Trey on “Sheik De Lawl” which was an unproduced script Trey had written before he became famous.

CONCLUSION : Emma Sugiyama is a talented voice actress, artist and producer. As Trey Parker’s ex-wife, she was at his side during the production of one of their most successful projects, South Park.

Nowadays, Emma is an Emmy-nominated voice actress whose net worth is $800,000.

Emma has had some great successes in her life. But she doesn’t have her sights set on a career in Hollywood. She says: “All I want is to be financially secure and healthy, just like everybody else.”


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