Who is Behind VT Ad Agency the Leading Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Vova Tess is an American Business Professional based out of New York. The east coast native has taken the online space by storm, getting right into business out of high school, Tess quickly scaled his agency into a powerhouse Ecommerce Marketing Agency that has worked with brands such as: Fit Tea & Happy Tea. In his career Vova has been featured in various online media publications and has even been featured on the news for his rise to success in the Ecommerce marketplace.

Vova’s agency, VT Ad Agency, is a full service Ecommerce Marketing agency. The Agency specializes in Drop shipping, Tik Tok Ads, & Shopify Store building and monetization. When Vova takes on a new client for his company’s services, his first rule of thumb is figuring out what needs the business he is helping has. From there Tess carefully builds a meaningful plan and strategy to take the clients online sales through the roof. Between online media advertising and optics, VT Ad Agency has been able to help countless online Ecommerce brands take their sales and brand to the next level.

Vova was motivated to get into the Ecommerce space right out of high school, his main motivation was to make more money for himself and his family. As Vova explained “It wasn’t necessarily just about the money, I also wanted to quit my job at the time so that I could have freedom. That is what I believe money offers all of us, freedom to do the things that you want.” Vovas deep passion to succeed, led him to the Ecommerce space. With a hands on solution he quickly was able to learn and apply his success in the Ecommerce industry into a service that companies have successfully used to grow their business.

With the boom in online sales and people purchasing goods and services online vs in person, a lot of brands have been forced to adapt their point of sale and value add to their customers. Tess saw this as an opportunity to apply the knowledge that he had learned about ecommerce and soon after he created his business VT Ad Agency. With an optimistic future for the increase in Ecommerce sales over the next decade, look out for VT Ad Agency to continue to be a leader in the space of E Commerce Sales for top brands in the country.

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