Wealth Champs Podcast Announces Merchandise Shop Available This July

“Wealth Champs Podcast” Announces Merchandise Shop Available This July
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“Wealth Champs Podcast” Youtube channel features a collection of interviews from the world’s most elite business minds. Founder of this channel is entrepreneur Julius Hammond, who himself has participated in the startup of varying types of businesses over the course of his life. From his exotic car rental company, G6 Luxury Living, to Mega Credit Boost, a business he founded to help adults fix their credit in preparation for larger purchases, Hammond believes in working hard to turn ideas into reality. One resource offered to the channel’s viewers is Hammond’s mentorship and coaching program, which offers varying packages to help others learn how to take their business to the next level. To broaden the scope of his channel’s reach, Hammond has announced the Wealth Champs Podcast clothing line, which will feature apparel such as t-shirts and shorts, available this July. 

Wealth Champs Podcast invites different men and women who work as business leaders, community activists, and influencers – all of which have made their way into the top 1%. These interviews provide insight on how these individuals build their business from the ground up, beginning with an idea, and ending with a fully developed entrepreneurship or business. Along with the channel, Hammond has devoted his career to helping other people see through their own goals and aspirations. He offers different resources such as his book, Die Empty While Living a Full Life. His writing speaks on the importance of looking to the past to understand one’s own calling in life, and how to move forward in the present towards a successful future. Beginning as the son of two successful entrepreneurs, his parents taught him the importance of running your own business in hopes of passing something down to your children. Now, he hopes to use his own experiences to teach others these same values. 

“Wealth Champs Podcast” Announces Merchandise Shop Available This July
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By pulling upon the advice of successful individuals who made it happen, Hammond hopes that “people not only watch Wealth Champs Podcast for ideas, but for motivation to start with the first step – taking action.” He is excited about the release of their apparel line, and hopes that they will be able to reach a larger audience of individuals who could benefit from some inspiration from the world’s highest achievers. 

In the years to come, Hammond hopes to begin Impact Investing, a new wave of entrepreneurship that aims to mentor and guide young future entrepreneurs. This term is a broad way of investing time, resources, and coaching for others in order to help impact their career and future success. For those in search of guidance on how to begin taking action, email Julius Hammond for more information on what packages his mentorship and coaching program offers. “If you change your mind, you can change anything. Don’t marinate on defeat or failure,” says Hammond. “Focus on prosperity and abundance. For you’re never defeated, and failure is just the gateway to your success.”

Founder of Wealth Champs Podcast, Julius Hammond, is an entrepreneur, author, and mentor to those looking to start turning ideas and aspirations into tangible results. Beginning his journey at around 14 years old, the now husband and father took after his own parents, whom he witnessed explore the world of entrepreneurship. His Youtube channel “Wealth Champs Podcast” interviews the world’s top 1% of business leaders, community activists, and influencers to help inspire viewers looking to achieve the same. For more information on the packages and mentorship programs Hammond offers, contact:

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