Viviana Puello of ArtTour International to Launch Life-Changing Coaching Program, “The Winner’s Journey,” in January

After two decades of working as an independent artist, award-winning writer and filmmaker Vivana Puello has become a luminary in art and entrepreneurship, landing a spot in New York Weekly’s Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in 2020. Ultimately, the most significant mark she has made in the industry lies in helping hundreds of artists transition from a 9-to-5 life to full-time art entrepreneurship. She is set to unveil “The Winner’s Journey” in January, geared toward helping artists and entrepreneurs build their version of success.

Viviana Puello is a woman of many titles. She is a world-renowned entrepreneur, an award-winning artist, a writer, a filmmaker, an art business expert, a coach, a founder, a CEO, and a host of the rising multimedia platform ArtTour International. Over the years, she has published 52 art magazines and reached more than two million readers.

Her two decades’ worth of experience have allowed her to witness the actual hardships and challenges that independent artists face in the ever-changing art industry. Thus, she took the initiative to put her knowledge and experience into fair use and help struggling creatives. She went on to establish ArtTour International, a revolutionary multimedia platform housing digital and print publications, international events, TV shows, and much more. Ultimately, the company is dedicated to promoting aspiring art legends from different parts of the world. At present, it is home to talented artists from over 205 countries.

Viviana Puello has also founded Artists for a Green Planet and Create4Peace, fulfilling her mission to amplify the voices of artist-activists in different fields. She is also the director and founder of Vivid Arts Network, an international art event platform that provides talented creatives the opportunity to travel the world, showcase their arts, and expand their reach as artists. As a coach, she is notable for her workshop, “Debunking the Myth of Starving Artist,” in which she guides artists on the attainment of an inspiration-based career, the building of a successful art business, and the marketing of artworks, among many other objectives.

Today, Viviana Puello is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of her new coaching program, “The Winner’s Journey.” In essence, the program is designed to cater to creative entrepreneurs looking to live a life and career that they love. Overall, the program aims to help artists start a new path, renew their consciousness, and crystallize the steps that they need to take towards career opportunities, life prosperity, and business success.

The initiative is composed of ten inspiring weeks, starting on January 24 of 2021 until February 28. It will take on a hands-on and holistic approach toward attaining life-changing transformations. Each lesson is split into three essential parts: business, lifestyle, and inspirational sources. Here, Viviana Puello helps artists reset their belief systems, reassess their lifestyle choices, and equip themselves with the right business strategies.

Indeed, Viviana leaves a resonating message to all artist-entrepreneurs emerging in the industry: “It is not enough to learn the latest marketing strategy, the perfect sales pitch, if we don’t change the most important thing: our belief system and our self-image.”

To know more about Viviana Puello and her latest coaching program, “The Winner’s Journey,” please visit her official website.


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