Vikash Jha: The Abstract Expressionist Who Emerged as an Inspiration in the Realms of Art

Artists who are passion-driven and highly dedicated to their craft can transform others and make a difference. With every vivid stroke of their brilliance, topped with animated hues that exude precision and perseverance, these exceptional creatives have an unimaginable capacity to leave a remarkable impact across aspirants and industry leaders across the world. Among a plethora of outstanding and multi-talented individuals lies Vikash Jha, an emerging household name who goes all-out in developing his craft and cementing his reputation across the trade, inspiring young hopefuls to chase their dreams despite the industry’s competitive atmosphere.

Vikash Jha is one of today’s leading contemporary abstract expressionists who is widely known for his thoughtful approach to color, cross-cultural imageries, and multi-layered painting techniques. This rising powerhouse translates his luminescent visions into masterful pieces of art that evoke feelings of joy, excitement, hope, and positivity. Not only does this multi-talented personality create artworks that inspire artists and creatives alike through his unique approach and outstanding color schemes, but he also serves as a source of motivation for those in the business world who aspire to establish a name in the realms of artistic pursuits.

Hailing from India’s lively and animated streets, this rising authority always had an affinity towards the arts. With a non-conforming family home that highly fosters growth and support, it comes as no surprise how Vikash Jha followed his dreams and carved a path of his own. As a matter of fact, this go-getting individual would spend his weekends at a specialized art school, learning formal techniques while honing his unique artistic voice.

Driven to establish his name across the artistic realm with a brush on his hand and his creativity on the other, Vikash Jha moved to the United States to dip his toes deeper in a highly sophisticated trade. This go-getter managed to finish a number of specialized programs at Harvard University and MIT, all while impressively making a mark in the realms of finance and business consulting. This multifaceted personality has not only succeeded in developing his artistic prowess, but he has also managed to cement himself in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Throughout his career, this Indian abstract expressionist and contemporary artist has been garnering countless praises for his groundbreaking masterpieces and texture-rich works ever since he realized his exceptional command over blank canvases. Additionally, Vikash Jha’s first-hand experiences with cultural differences between the west and the east have enriched his understanding and appreciation for a variety of techniques, propelling his career towards impressive heights.

Vikash Jha has slowly cemented his reputation across the industry as he steadily participates in highly regarded exhibitions and private global placements. As a matter of fact, his masterful pieces of art have been showcased in numerous established galleries and venues across New York City, such as the Sotheby’s (the Fine Art Auction House) and Oculus at the World Trade Center. Today, this emerging powerhouse prepares himself for two upcoming shows, the London Art Biennale and the MvVO AD Art Show at the World Trade Center, NYC.

Although Vikash Jha has achieved many promising milestones in his career, he continues to launch his career towards the pinnacles of greatness by consistently generating new ideas and experimenting with different mediums and concepts in order to innovate the craft and inspire hopefuls. With his unparalleled dedication to his craft, he is set to take the industry by storm.

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