Unlocking Success: Mike Savage’s Three Secrets to Building Multi-Million-Dollar Businesses

Unlocking Success: Mike Savage's Three Secrets to Building Multi-Million-Dollar Businesses
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“Those that can’t do, teach.” While this may sound like the mantra of one giving up – it’s actually what Mike Savage sees in some of the world’s best coaches. “Bill Belichek, Red Auerbach.. You don’t see these guys slinging the ball, but they know how to bring the best out of their players.” A highly successful entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and business coach, Savage has defied his own idea – by succeeding both as an entrepreneur and high-level business coach. With decades of experience building multi-million dollar companies, Mike now runs a coaching and motivational business. Named Savage Secrets, his organization is aimed at helping entrepreneurs learn the strategies and mindset to scale their business for both immediate and lasting success.

Mike Savage’s Impressive Journey

Mike Savage is not your average business guru. With over three decades of experience in entrepreneurship, he has built multiple multi-million-dollar companies. Among his notable achievements is leading a business that generated over $250 million in sales to some of the world’s most prominent retailers, including Walmart, Target, Amazon, and more. His life’s mission, embodied in Savage Secrets, is to share the knowledge he’s acquired over the years, sparing aspiring entrepreneurs much of the turmoil he endured. What sets Mike apart is his commitment to teaching and guiding others through their entrepreneurial odysseys, all while acknowledging the challenges he himself faced when transitioning from business building to business coaching.

Mike Savage faced significant hardships during his entrepreneurial journey, several of which shook him to his core. What sets Mike apart is his resilience and determination. Instead of giving up, he sought help, and working with a coach proved to be a turning point. His ability to weather hardships and learn from them serves as an inspiring example of how one can overcome immense challenges and succeed in the entrepreneurial world. It underscores the importance of seeking support and guidance during tough times, demonstrating that with perseverance, even in the face of adversity, success is achievable. Driven by his dedication to teaching others, Mike shares three secrets for those wanting to find success in their multi-million business.

The Three Secrets to Multi-Million Business Success

Secret One: Start Your Day on Fire with a Positive Attitude

Mike knows that a positive attitude and a resilient mindset are the bedrock of a successful entrepreneur. Approaching each day with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude is critical. It sets the tone for overcoming challenges and achieving goals, even in the face of adversity. This positive outlook is essential when navigating the highs and lows of running a large business.

Secret Two: Make Fast Decisions

It’s easy to talk about what you plan to do, but a wise entrepreneur knows results come about through action. Mike watched one of his good friends display the value of quick decision-making. “I have a buddy who at 46 was diagnosed with ALS,” Mike says. “He told me he wanted to start a business.” Having been given only 18 months to live, Mike’s friend decided he wanted to build a non-profit. Taking quick action, he founded ALS One and surrounded himself with all the best doctors in Boston. Seven years after sharing his vision with them, they raised 12.5 million dollars. “He didn’t wait,” Mike explains. “He just started.” Waiting for the perfect moment often hinders progress. In the fast-paced world of business, swift decisions can be a game-changer.

Secret Three: Recognize Entrepreneurship as a Journey

The rollercoaster nature of entrepreneurship is something Mike knows all too well. Mike Savage has faced significant adversity in his life, including both personal and professional setbacks. Among the challenges, the emotional toll of his mother’s illness and subsequent passing weighed heavily on him, making it difficult to concentrate on his business decisions. Financial difficulties compounded his hardships, with a bank’s threat to shut down his business just days after his mother’s passing adding immense stress. Furthermore, ongoing challenges like his wife’s pneumonia and a business audit left him feeling overwhelmed and isolated. It wasn’t until he received careful guidance from a coach that things began to improve for him. “This coach saved my life,” Mike recalls. The coach walked Mike through each session they had together, gently pushing him in the right direction. Mike’s story emphasizes that entrepreneurship is not a straightforward path, nor is it a solitary endeavor; it’s an elaborate journey that benefits from mentorship and guidance.

Serving from a Passion for Empowering Others

In Mike’s words, “An entrepreneur is someone that says I can do it better, I can do it different, and I want to share it with the world.” Mike Savage has dedicated his life to helping entrepreneurs unleash their potential and build multi-million-dollar businesses while nurturing the right mindset for long-term success. At a certain part of his career, he asked himself, what could he give back to the world? He then realized, if he could package the knowledge he gained about entrepreneurship and share it with the world, he could help others learn without them having to go through the extra pain, expenses, and time he experienced.

More About Mike Savage

If you’re eager to strengthen your mindset and enhance your business acumen, visit his website at The Savage Secrets where Mike shares decades of entrepreneurial knowledge and his to-the-point motivational content.


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