Unleash the Magic of Transformational Games: Reviving Businesses with Victoria Alekseenko’s Innovative Approach

Unleash the Magic of Transformational Games: Reviving Businesses with Victoria Alekseenko's Innovative Approach
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Business is a complex organism with its own character, psychology, and prioritized components. Some of them require individual attention. Otherwise, how can we explain the lack of progress in development despite having a complete set of resources? How can we move forward without causing harm to the team?

In such challenging situations, a unique specialist comes to the rescue — Victoria Alekseenko, a play therapist. She is the creator of eight original transformational games aimed at identifying and analyzing the root causes of problems, realizing obstacles, and swiftly achieving set goals. Before we delve into the brightest T-games, which were authored by this Ukrainian psychologist, let’s get to know her better.

Victoria Alekseenko is a certified strategic management consultant, facilitator, business trainer, existential coach, psychologist, moderator of strategic sessions, and author of educational programs. She arrived in the USA from Ukraine in 2022. Prior to that, she successfully applied her skills in numerous exciting projects in Europe, many of which are her own developments.

One of her notable contributions is the creation of 70 original sets of metaphorical associative cards (MAC), in which Victoria Alekseenko (the first in Europe!) replaced traditional symbols and images with text. Thanks to this, thousands of people have been able to quickly and accurately interpret the meaning of MAC, thus making progress towards resolving their problems more effectively.

“In my business games, owners of companies, top managers, and teams participate. Through game mechanics and the facilitator’s personality, participants experience the set goal, test its viability, and choose the best path to realize it in reality,” describes Victoria Alekseenko the significance of transformational games.

How a transformational game can revive your business

The first and foremost impression left after experiencing transformational games is pure magic! How can a simple piece of cardboard suddenly provide the necessary clue?

“In the game, a person looks at the problem from a different perspective, but at the subconscious level, they analyze the acquired experience. When a ‘block’ occurs in the game, the blockage instantly manifests at the unconscious level. If the problem is successfully resolved in the game, it also gets resolved at the level of unconscious processes for the individual,” explains Victoria Alekseenko.

Specifically designed for businesses, Victoria Alekseenko has created several transformational games and sets of MAC. Three of them are especially effective and highly popular:

✅ “Order in Mind” — focuses on choosing the best strategy and achieving results.

✅ “Time for Money!” — delves deep into addressing financial blocks.

✅ “Playing with the White Pieces” — building an effective business strategy in times of change and turbulence.

Victoria Alekseenko’s approach to solving complex business issues is innovative. This is evidenced by the successful sales of her transformational games in 15 countries worldwide. Additionally, Victoria Alekseenko is renowned as a talented facilitator and strategist. Her unique talent for understanding people, intuitively identifying their problems, setting clear objectives, and calmly and thoughtfully guiding them towards positive outcomes attracts business owners of various levels, from small enterprises to corporate giants.

Currently, Victoria Alekseenko is adapting her most remarkable proprietary methodologies for the US market, and in the near future, we hope to share more about this extraordinary specialist.



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