Transforming Lives Through Financial Literacy: The Inspiring Story of Sola Adesakin and Smart Stewards

Transforming Lives Through Financial Literacy: The Inspiring Story of Sola Adesakin and Smart Stewards
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A spark of inspiration can originate from the most unlikely places. For Sola Adesakin, a seasoned Chartered Accountant, that spark ignited from a personal struggle – her own battle with financial instability, despite her professional credentials. Her subsequent journey, metamorphosis, and ensuing success story is a testament to resilience, the power of education, and the transformative potential of financial literacy.

As the founder of Smart Stewards Financial Advisory Limited, Sola now finds herself not just at the helm of a thriving business, but also at the forefront of a crucial mission to impart financial literacy and empower individuals worldwide, particularly in Nigeria, Africa, the UK, and the US.

Sola Adesakin is no ordinary woman. She is a Chartered Accountant, a financial literacy advocate, a respected author, and a game-changer in the world of finance. This dynamo hailing from Nigeria brings a fresh approach to personal finance, an area that many struggle to navigate.

Her path in the realm of accounting began with achieving commendable positions and acquiring valuable experience. Yet, paradoxically, she found herself constantly grappling with financial instability, mired in debt, and bereft of personal savings. These financial woes were a wake-up call for her.

The transformative pivot came in the form of a book that shed light on the mysteries of money management and the importance of nurturing a healthy money mindset. Financial stability, she discovered, was less about income levels and more about cultivating a positive money mindset, disciplined budgeting, and strategic investment. Embracing these principles led to personal financial turnaround – a transition from debt-ridden to debt-free, a transformation from a financially unstable accountant to a financially savvy entrepreneur.

This newfound understanding spurred Sola on a journey of self-improvement and fiscal responsibility. She embraced financial literacy, discipline, and meticulous budgeting practices, leading to unprecedented financial success. 

But Sola didn’t stop at that. Fueled by the triumph over her financial hurdles, she was motivated to share her knowledge and experiences, to help others navigate the complex world of finance. This led to the inception of Smart Stewards, an innovative, technology-driven financial literacy organization. Today, Smart Stewards offers its services to individuals and small businesses in over 40 countries, delivering comprehensive financial literacy courses, nurturing communities, and providing enriching content and personalized coaching to individuals and organizations.

The learning platforms within Smart Stewards established by Sola—the Smart Stewards Academy and the Smart Stewards Junior Club—have effectively equipped approximately 80,000 professionals, directly and indirectly, and over 2000 children with the knowledge to manage their personal and business finances. Alongside her impactful entrepreneurial venture, Sola is the author of eight carefully crafted books that instill financial literacy among diverse audiences.

Sola’s triumph over her own fiscal struggles fuelled her passion to empower others facing similar challenges. Smart Stewards, her brainchild, leverages innovative technology to deliver financial literacy training to individuals and small businesses across over 40 countries. Through initiatives like the Smart Stewards Academy and the Smart Stewards Junior Club, Sola and her team have equipped thousands of professionals with the tools to manage their personal and business finances, unlocking potential wealth amounting to millions of dollars.

In addition to the courses and personalized coaching provided by Smart Stewards, Sola’s commitment to spreading financial literacy extends to her authorship. She has penned eight books, each targeting diverse demographics, ingraining the concepts of fiscal responsibility and effective money management.

The story of Sola Adesakin is also a testament to the strength of female entrepreneurs, a group often confronted with unique hurdles such as gender stereotypes, and limited access to finances and mentoring. Her participation in the Cherie Blair Foundation’s Road to Growth and Mentoring initiatives underscores her resilience and determination to overcome these challenges.

Indeed, today, Sola stands not just as a successful businesswoman but also as an inspiration and a role model for other women. As she shared her story at the Cherie Blair Foundation’s event, she brought to the spotlight the trials and triumphs of female entrepreneurship. Sola’s dedication to mentoring within the foundation and her advocacy for the cause of women entrepreneurs, particularly those facing the challenges she once overcame, are testaments to her passion for empowerment.

Yet, Sola’s journey and the resulting impact of Smart Stewards isn’t just a tale of personal triumph or business success. It represents a broader narrative that echoes with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of gender equality (SDG5) and reduced inequality (SDG10). Sola’s work aims to bridge the gap in financial education, harness the power of financial technology, and facilitate access to funding, thereby contributing to a more equitable world.

As the audience gathered for the Cherie Blair Foundation’s 100,000 Women Campaign event in the United Kingdom on the 17th of July, 2023, where Sola gave a speech, her story sent a clear message: Personal finance is not a mystery but a skill that can be mastered by anyone. She gave a call to action for supporting women entrepreneurs and a reminder that with the right knowledge, tools, and mindset, financial empowerment is within everyone’s reach. 

Her story serves as an inspiration for many – a tale of transformation, empowerment, and resilience. From her personal battles with debt to the establishment of Smart Stewards, her story is a testament to the power of financial literacy and the strength of female entrepreneurship. Through her work, Sola Adesakin continues to shape the financial futures of countless individuals and organizations, embodying the essence of her brand – empowerment through financial literacy.

For those eager to delve deeper into the world of financial literacy, Sola has made an array of resources easily accessible. Her Linktree and Wikitia page host an abundance of links to insightful podcasts, her social media handles, free financial tools, and access to her authored books. Visit for detailed insights into their services and course offerings.  


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