Top Culinary Professionals To Follow In 2022 Such As Andrew Molen & Marc Marrone

The Food & Beverage sector is one of the most sought after needs in today’s marketplace, especially for top performing Businesses & Elite Individuals in America. We decided to compile a list of what we believe to be some of America’s most successful culinary & hospitality professionals across the country. 

By reading, you will learn more about some of America’s Top Culinary Professionals & what cuisines they offer to the marketplace. Most of these concepts listed are of exclusive providers in top major cities — that specialize in servicing the ultra elite of America & their needs for food & beverage for events, leisure or travel. 

Manos Brothers Chef(s) Alex Manos & Chris Manos 

Alex & Chris Manos are Greek American Culinary professionals based out of Los Angeles, California. The duo operate as managing partners of their exclusive catering company — “Gourmaze”. To date, Gourmaze has successfully serviced America’s elite such as top celebrities, athletes, public & private sector business leaders, & many others. With over 30 years of experience, the Manos brothers have successfully built a name for themselves in their marketplace as they provide high end luxury catering & private chef services. The company offers proprietary culinary experiences to their selective clientele in their domestic marketplace of the greater Los Angeles Area. To learn more about the Manos — Chris & Alex, click here

Marc Marrone

Marc Marrone is an American Business professional and Co-Founder & Principal of Nice Hospitality. To date, Marc operates & or holds interest in a variety of high end restaurant concepts under Nice Hospitality including: SkinnyFATS, HallPass, Graffiti Bao, Gemma Gemma Pizza, Italian Graffiti and a new roof top concept on Las Vegas Blvd. When asked what advice he would give to someone looking to get started in the culinary space, The successful restaurateur said: “Value the team, & approach everyday with the intent and mindset of how you can support your team”. Furthermore, Marrone stated that the hospitality space relies on your service to others, and creating a meaningful experience for those who dine at your concepts. In the future, Marc is optimistic for a Golden Era in dining, sharing insight on the importance of “Fast Meals” and a focal point on fully immersed food and beverage concepts. To learn more about Marc Marrone & Nice Hospitality, click here

Tasos Chasekioglou

Tasos Chasekioglou is a Greek American Business professional and hospitality entrepreneur. His current organization, CT Luxury Catering offers a whiteglove exclusive culinary & hospitality experience to high level qualified individuals both domestically and internationally. Tasos views the current marketplace in his sector of hospitality as competitive, stating that “There are a lot of chefs that are providing their own services after the covid & restaurant ordeal, of them though not many offer catering services and even less that have the means to service the world’s elite.” Tasos believes that in the future the culinary and hospitality industry will continue to grow especially at his company’s main locative service area which is Miami, Florida. With the shift of wealth and corporations moving from New York to Miami, Tasos is ready for an influx in private dinners and venues for high level exclusive individuals that desire a full concierge experience. To learn more about Tasos Chasekioglou & his company CT Luxury Catering, click here.

Andrew Molen

Andrew Molen is an American Culinary Professional & managing partner of Andrew Molen Enterprises. The successful restaurateur has successfully built a nationally recognized brand(s) — “Andrew Molen” & “Andrew Molen Enterprises” for their presence and impact in the food and beverage sector. In his career, he has worked and operated alongside other culinary minds such as: Gordon Ramsey, Todd English, & Jean-Georges Vongerichten. With much success on the horizon, Molen is excited to continue to raise capital with his partners & expand his enterprises interests into new Food & Beverage concepts across the country. To learn more about Andrew Molen, click here

Meir Goldberg

Meir Goldberg is a passionate young chef and the co-founder of SóL Dining, a company seeking to bring the world of elegant, fine dining to a kosher audience, all within the comfort of their homes. When COVID-19 hit and the restaurant industry was struggling, Meir left the restaurant he was working for and created SóL. A new solution so he could continue serving high quality cuisine to happy diners. He is intensely passionate about the intricacies of his culinary creations, crafting each dish based on a profound understanding of flavor profiles, allowing menus as imaginative as they are unique. Together with his business partner Yosef Epstein, they endeavor to provide an experience that will not easily be forgotten. They take great care with the aesthetics of their food, often spending hours to ensure that the individual components of the dish stand out while complementing the overall presentation. SóL Dining pride themselves in their versatility, hosting everything from small intimate events to large functions. They often travel with their clients on their vacations providing a high-quality travel experience. To learn more about Meir Goldberg and SóL click here.

Joseph Bonavita

Joseph Bonavita is an American Culinary professional and chief chef at WET Miami. The renowned restaurateur is known for his globally inspired cuisine and fine dining experience(s) — As well as a strict policy to only serve the best available products in preparation and cuisine designing. When asked what advice he would give to a prospective professional Bonavita said “Work hard & take care of the people around you, create a work environment that takes care of your team.” In the future, Bonavita is excited to grow his restaurant group & build a culture that believes in its people within the organization. To learn more about Joseph Bonavita, click here


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