Thriving Visual Artist Chiara Magni Creates New Genre for Her Exceptional Style

Most visual artists are inspired by artists who have gone before them and have established themselves either in history or in the contemporary scene. In the beginning, aspiring artists journey toward self-discovery, with the hopes of finally identifying the best manner to express their emotions, creative vision, and perspective of things. Such was the journey of Italian artist Chiara Magni, until she developed her own painting style, which made her a distinct and rare talent whose artworks are sought after by many collectors and enthusiasts from around the world. She names her genre Bright Expressionism. 

Magni’s Bright Expressionism came to be when she found the meeting point between Impressionism and Expressionism, a powerful and playful depiction of emotions using strong and vivid colors that inspire joy among its audience. The thriving and promising artist enjoys the freedom she experiences following the development of a genre that celebrates the uniqueness of two others that are equally dramatic and awe-inspiring. 

“For many years, I have tried my hand at painting, always preferring oil painting, and I have always wondered what my path was, what my distinctive style could be. I’ve always wondered what painting style I belonged to, but I’ve never found the right one for me. I have identified with impressionism, which I still do today; but I have never felt that I belong to it 100%. There are some things I do, how I choose the subjects, how I choose the colors that are not part of that style. While remaining one of my absolute favorites, I felt it didn’t define me altogether,” Magni explains. 

While she respects the rules of the color wheel, she finds so much fulfilment in breaking the rules that define reality when it comes to using the appropriate shades for specific objects found in nature, for instance. “Therefore there may be meadows of pink and purple grass, yellow cypresses; green skies, turquoise horses, and people with multicolored skin, and there is nothing wrong with that,” she reveals. 

Art and creativity have always been a part of Magni’s life while growing up in a town by the Lake Garda, a scenic view that inspired so many of her works and ideas. As young as nine years old, Magni was already painting using oil. As she worked on mastering oil paint as a medium, she also explored others to see which ones would allow her to best express her creativity. Over time, Magni was reassured that oil paint worked best for her personal style. 

As a painter, Magni values imparting positivity and hope to her audience. She strongly believes in art’s unique power to promote inner healing, lift up one’s spirit, evoke strength, and even bring about happiness. As she reveals a part of herself, her wide array of emotions, and perspective about life in general on her works, she hopes to make a lasting connection not just to art collectors who value her work but also among different types of audiences. In doing this, she hopes to create an atmosphere that promotes tranquility, acceptance, and peace. 

Magni has sold over 250 paintings since she decided to do painting professionally in 2014. She has a growing following of avid art collectors coming from different parts of the globe. 

Learn more about Chiara Magni by visiting her website. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates on her latest projects. 


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