Think Bigger, Never Give Up, & Enjoy Life: DrChauBnB’s 3 Secrets to Success

DrChauBnB started life as an immigrant with eyes full of hope for a bright future. Today, he is as big as it gets. A Doctor of Pharmacy, he is an entrepreneur who specializes in AirBNB Arbitrage. He owns over 30 properties, a number that is unusually high for his 7 years of experience in the industry. How does he do it all? In a candid chat, we asked DrChauBnB. Let’s see what he had to say.

Look At the Big Picture

“Think big” is a phrase you will hear all too often. But what does it mean?

DrChauBnB explains, “To be successful, you need to let go of any behavioral patterns pulling you down.”

To win, you need to have an abundance mentality, a positive attitude, and strong courage of conviction.

Rest But Never Quit

“You might feel a bit down every now and then. That’s perfectly fine. Take a day off, hell, take two. But I want to see you get right back up – well-rested and rearing to go”, says DrChauBnB.

The winner mentality doesn’t say that you should be forceful or aggressive with yourself. Getting tired is normal and you shouldn’t push yourself past your limits.

Win, but at your own pace.

And most importantly, never, ever give up on your dreams – your biggest idols didn’t.

Don’t Sweat It

“Life isn’t meant to be one race after another,” is DrChauBnB’s mantra. Of course, you must have goals, and you need to be ambitious to get somewhere, but if you don’t stop to take it all in and enjoy the little things, you’re not really living.

What DrChauBnB means to say is that fulfillment mustn’t always be driven by the accomplishment of career milestones.


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