The Unyielding Spirit of Blake Sims: Triumph Over Adversity in Memphis

The Unyielding Spirit of Blake Sims: Triumph Over Adversity in Memphis
Photo Courtesy: Blake Sims

By: Lennard James

In the vibrant City of Memphis, a story of unwavering resilience and remarkable triumph has emerged, capturing the hearts of many. It’s the story of Blake Sims, a man whose life journey is a powerful one of honesty and the profound impact of giving back to the community.  

Born in 1985 in a small town in rural Georgia, Blake Sims’ early life was anything but easy. Growing up, he was surrounded by addiction; his Mother was out of the picture (and mostly incarcerated) by the age of 8 months old, and his Father was himself an unemployed alcoholic who provided little guidance to Blake and his Brother. Growing up on welfare, financial hardship and unsanitary living conditions persisted throughout his childhood until the age of 12 when his father passed unexpectedly. Blake was thrust into a world of challenging situations at an early age, and he harnessed the difficulty of those challenges to aid in his development beyond his years. Blake credits the healthy distractions of high school sports, namely football and baseball, as major contributions to staying out of trouble during these turbulent times. While working multiple jobs to pay for college, Blake graduated from West Georgia in 2007. He paid his own way through college, including room and board, by maintaining HOPE Scholarship eligibility, qualifying each semester for a stipend from Pell Grant, and seeking affordable housing in the form of his fraternity house. As Blake looks back on these times with some humor, he recalled, “My bedroom window was a taped-up pizza box, but hey, you couldn’t beat $200 monthly rent!” College proved to be a transformative time as he found his voice as a leader within his fraternity, which helped him to excel as a leader in the coming years. 

Blake’s professional journey is nothing short of inspiring. He was a Georgia Parole Officer from 2008-2014, where he worked with convicted felons in an effort to facilitate successful re-entry into the community.  

In 2014, Blake started his own private passenger transportation company. The purpose was to work with Department of Corrections and transport inmates from their work-release center to a real job in hopes of preparing these inmates for being released. This proved to be a successful endeavor, and his business execution allowed the inmates’ collective employment rate to rise significantly, which resulted in fewer inmates returning to prison after release. The company was in operation for three years until his next big break came.  

Blake’s path took an unexpected turn when presented with the opportunity to become a GEICO Local Agent. In May 2018, Blake opened his own GEICO office in Memphis, and through his dedication and honesty, the office thrived, far surpassing sales expectations during the first two years when most offices usually start small. In his first full year in business, Blake’s office was one of the largest insurance producers in the Mid-South region.  

Blake’s approach to business is rooted in honesty and the importance of proper coverage. He and his dedicated staff of agents are experts at covering home insurance, as well as earthquake insurance, flood insurance, jewelry insurance, and similar policies which many clients are unaware of these types of insurance policies until speaking with Blake and his team. His agency focuses on stable households capable of paying premiums, but his message goes beyond insurance -it is about overcoming life’s obstacles regardless of one’s ‘past.  

Blake credits 99% of his success to his incredible wife, who has been his steadfast support. With his life experiences and resiliency that he has displayed throughout life, Blake is a beacon of hope for many facing adversity.  

Blake Sims’ story is not just about overcoming personal challenges; it’s about transforming them into opportunities to help others. His journey from a troubled childhood to a successful business owner and community leader is a powerful reminder that with determination and resilience, success is within reach. Blake is committed to making a positive impact on the community, and as such, he is a 2020 graduate of Leadership Germantown and a 2022 graduate of the Leadership Memphis Executive Program. In addition, Blake is a Rotary Club member and volunteers in the Orange Mound community cleanup events. You may see his face or name on one of several advertisements throughout Greater Memphis. As he continues to redefine the image of GEICO in Memphis, Blake stands as a living embodiment of triumph in the face of adversity, inspiring all who hear his story.  

Meet Blake Sims, your local GEICO insurance agent in Memphis, TN!  

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