The Ugly Duck, the Real Beauty of Success

The Ugly Duck, the Real Beauty of Success
Photo Credit: TUD Toy

Finding Real Beauty 

What is real beauty? Is it what the senses capture when admiring an object, person, or situation? The symmetry, the texture, the colors, and the great artists throughout history have been used to create stunning works of art that have molded people’s perceptions. But is there a way to identify oneself with this abstract concept? Can it be found in stories? Is there another way to perceive aside from great works of art? What about the journey to greatness? Is there something like it in the inspiring story of remarkable individuals who have fought for their dreams? The idea of a self-made individual who conquered their dreams step by step, with the will and strength to keep fighting for their ideas, and who faced all the challenges and won. Instead of looking for the concept of beauty, why not admire each step towards success? Each time someone fights for their dreams. Each time someone puts a foot forward, even if it means facing countless challenges. Each time someone achieves their goal and reaches the top. All of that is also beautiful. Like the ugly duckling that discovered the value of its struggles and journey, every experience he had transformed him from an ostracized duckling to a swan. This encapsulates beauty as a real experience that can be understood and found within. An experience that TUD (The Ugly Duck) explores and shares. 

What is the Ugly Duck art toy? 

The Ugly Duck art collection by TUD embodies this concept. Each piece represents the idea of moving from humble origins to success, exalting not only the beauty that lies in every person but also what’s beautiful in every journey, in going through adversity and, in the end, reaching their goal. But it’s not enough to represent an idea. TUD wants to bring it closer to people. They challenge preconceived conceptions and want individuals to redefine themselves. Every self-made individual who wants to reach heights that no one before has, who is willing to fight with every inch of their being, and who is willing to embark on that journey of self-transformation is an ugly duck. By focusing on something real, a transgression of the abstract concept of beauty, something beautiful can be found inside those who work and live with passion. As TUD itself states, “Beauty is overrated, Ugliness is real.” The reality of those willing to fight, learn, and work for their dreams is something that everyone can relate to. What better way to inspire people to get closer to this vision of beauty than living legends who achieved greatness? The story of iconic individuals with the ambition to grow who didn’t stop until there was no one above them. These are the greatest ugly ducks that collaborated with TUD to create this bold collectible collection to encourage those who want to transform just like them. 

A Collectible from a Legend

Iron Mike, a legend from Brownsville, is recognized not only by boxing aficionados but also by everyone who is willing to become a champ. Each step he took and every challenge he faced made him the perfect candidate for becoming The Ugly Duck, the Duck of Steel. In the words of the champ himself: “Like all Ugly Ducks, I had to learn to rely on myself, and that gave me the fight and the will to succeed in life.” People underestimated Mike Tyson. He was shorter and lighter than the classic heavyweight boxer. But with practice, he honed his quick reflexes and aggressiveness in the ring, allowing him to become the youngest heavyweight champion. This is the beautiful story of a true Ugly Duck. TUD’s Ugly Ducks embody this. It is a physical representation of the will to swim against the current, of going through years of training. It is the energy to stand up after every fall to hit even harder than before. It is the idea of becoming as fearless as Iron Mike, a man who went from not finding a place for himself anywhere to an unstoppable force to achieve his dream. This collaboration goes beyond a traditional piece of art. It is a collectible that embodies the resiliency of Iron Mike himself. It’s a reminder that nothing is impossible if you’re willing to fight for it. It is a symbol of the sacrifices, the fights, and the success of one of the greatest boxers of this era. 

Toy is a premium collectible piece of art. It is a unique luxury. It is not only the name of a brand, a designer, or a modern icon. It is art that represents the whole adventure of success. It accepts that ugliness is real and that each step means sweat, exhaustion, a potential stumble, and a hard time. But it also understands the value of the journey, in beating challenges, in growing. The beauty of The Ugly Duck is the potential to become the greatest swan. If you are someone who has clear goals and knows exactly what to do to achieve them, someone who is not afraid of failing and will always stand up again to keep trying, you are someone who resonates with the Ugly Duck. “TUD x Mike Tyson” collaboration is a limited edition of 1000 painted copies made with Iron Mike himself in New York. Each toy stands 60 cm tall and weighs approximately 3.3 kg. It is made of ABS & PP plastic (which makes it durable, stable, and sturdy). Anyone interested in becoming part of the TUD community and acquiring a collective toy can purchase it at or at retail.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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