Five Toddler Carriers of 2022

One of life’s greatest privileges is to witness a baby grow up. But with the privilege also came the challenges and added responsibilities. Since toddlers want excitement and engagement, the only way parents and guardians can tie them down when they are caught up with other things is by putting them in safe and easy-to-use carriers. Here are the top five toddler carriers to help you handle your kids.

1. ezBaby Toddler Carrier

The ezBaby Toddler Carrier is the ultimate belt for a super dad, designed to create more engaging bonding moments between parent and child. The company ensures that its operations, from planning and development to manufacturing, bring value to the family and the kids. The ezbaby is simple, clean, safe, and effective, specially devised for toddlers, not babies, so parents can multitask while carrying them around. On top of that, it is not too big, which allows ease of movement. This is the only carrier ever designed that can be worn even without the toddler, opening up a new world of opportunities for families to have fun together. 


2.  Minimeis

Minimeis is a baby carrier developed to ensure that going on adventures with kids is enjoyable, easy, and safe. The MiniMeis carrier offers parents comfort and frees their hands while giving their children the best view of the world from the safety of their shoulders. MiniMeis, listed as TIME magazine’s best invention, is bringing joy to children everywhere. Although some challenges were raised regarding how the in and out needs of the toddlers can be facilitated, the device proves to be an enjoyable shoulder ride for them.

3. Tushbaby Hip Seat

The purpose of a baby hip seat carrier is to reduce some weight that would otherwise strain the body and cause uncomfortable tension, which could result in body aches, headaches, and minor injuries. The Tushbaby hip seat carrier enables parents to support the weight of their toddler on either side of their bodies, relying less on their arm, shoulder, and neck muscles and more on their more robust waist, hip, and pelvic muscles. The design allows parents to bring the toddler up and down as they hold them down in place with one arm. 

4. Scootababy

For infants aged five months to three years, the Scootababy Hip Carrier is a hands-free carrier that evenly distributes weight across the wearer’s waist and shoulder. The Scootababy is an innovative product that picks up where other infant carriers leave off, excels at carrying heavier babies and toddlers, and encourages face-to-face interaction with parents that babies and toddlers adore.

5. Beco Baby Carrier

Beco Baby Carrier was designed for infants with better head and neck control. With this product, it is much simpler to achieve proper hip positioning because parents naturally assume it when holding larger babies in their arms. In addition, since their legs naturally cling to their caregiver’s body and their bums are well supported, they can easily assume a spread-squad position, also known as the frog position, the M-position, or the pelvic tuck. 

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