The Story of Lisa Marie Presley’s Daughter Finley Aaron Love

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood is the granddaughter and daughter of the late King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, and Lisa Marie Presley, the singer of Lights Out. The musician and producer Michael Lockwood, born in Hawthorne, had Finley with the Now What singer Lisa.

Finley is the third granddaughter of the King, Elvis, along with her twin sister Harper. Even decades after Boby P’s passing, his widows, daughter, and grandkids have frequently been mentioned in news reports.

One of Elvis’ third generations is now in this state of affairs. Despite being just 13, Lisa’s kid attracts a lot of attention because she frequently performs with her musician mother. Read the article below to learn everything there is to know about her.

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood was delivered by c-section

Harper and Finley delivered by C-section on October 7, 2008, together with Finley. She was around 5 lbs, 15 oz., but her twin sister was a few ounces heavier. The twins are Lisa’s third kid, while Finley, now 13 years old, and her unborn sibling Harper are Michael Wood’s first children.

At the Las Robles Hospital and Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, California, Marie gave birth to her and Harper. They arrived at 2:46. Priscilla, their grandma, called their arrival “a dream come true.”

After they were born, Lisa said she had never been happier about an interview with Hello Magazine. The Dirty Laundry singer said she and Michael spent their days marveling at Finley and Harper and taking in everything they did.

Having trouble conceiving before giving birth to Finley, Finley’s mother

In an interview with Hello Magazine, when Finley Aaron Love Lockwood and her sister Harper were just 3 months old, their mother, Lisa, stated she truly wanted to have twins. She allegedly battled for two years before having Finley and her sister.

Marie said that her blood at the time was too thick and would clot more quickly. This led to several miscarriages as well. To ultimately become pregnant with Finley and Harper, she had to take blood thinners.

Finley Aaron Lockwood Love includes a variety of ethnicities, including Cherokee.

Finley’s ethnicities include German, Scottish, English, Scots-Irish, French Norman, and Jewish, which she inherited through her maternal grandpa, Elvis Presley. She is said to have Cherokee ancestry on one of her distant lines.

In the same way, Priscilla, her maternal grandmother, is descended from Norwegian, Scots-Irish, and English forebears. In addition, Finley has a small amount of Irish, Swiss-German, distant Dutch, and Danish ancestry.

Lockwood, Finley was born in England

After Finley and her twin sister were born, Lisa relocated to England. As a result, Finley and Harper spent some of their early years in the chilly UK.

Finley, third from right Lisa Marie Presley, singer and daughter of Elvis Presley, Aaron Love Lockwood, and Harper. With her mother Lisa and her identical sister Harper, Vivian Ann Lisa Lockwood Finley is shown at right.

When asked why she decided to relocate, Lisa cited the enriching and gratifying quality of life, civility, culture, people, and friendliness of London as her motivating factors.

The SOB singer said LA’s conceit drove her out of the country. Conversely, Marie claimed that after moving to the UK, she started receiving cards and flowers from strangers.

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood Entered the School System Relatively Late

Although Marie raised Finley and Harper in England, she opted not to enroll them in school immediately away because it was customary in the area.

At the time, the mother of four stated that she wished for her twin girls to remain at home and spend as much time as possible with their mother.

Sister of Lockwood’s twin and her other siblings

As said, Finley and Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood are twins. Fraternal twins, they are. In addition, Riley Keough, the Mad Max actress, and the late Benjamin Keough are half-siblings of Finley. The Keoughs result from Lisa’s previous union with Danny Keough, a fellow musician.

Finley Aaron Lockwood Love A half-brother committed suicide

Benjamin, Marie’s first and only child, reportedly died in July 2020 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Parents of Finley: She also married her mother The parents of the late Michael Jackson Lockwood, Lisa, and Michael, wed in Japan in January 2006 at a ceremony that cost over $300,000. Before divorcing in 2016, Finley’s parents, Marie and the guitarist for Brittany Shane, marrie for 10 years. Lisa Marie Presley, the mother of the artist Finley, had her fourth marriage with Michael.

Finley Michael Lockwood, father of Aaron Love Lockwood, and Lisa Marie Presley, his ex-wife.

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley and Michael Dean Lockwood. Getty

The Scientologist singer initially wed fellow Scientologist Danny Keough in 1988, with whom she had two children, Riley and Benjamin.

But in 1994, Marie and Keough were divorced, and the former after wed the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. After two years of marriage, Finley’s mother, Lisa, was hitched to Faceoff star Nicolas Cage in 2002. Nevertheless, this relationship also barely lasted for roughly 100 days.

Following this, Elvis Presley’s daughter, a Gold-certified vocalist, wed Michael Lockwood.

Finley enjoys hearing her grandfather speak.

When CMT questioned Lisa in October 2012 about whether Finley and her sister listened to their late grandpa Elvis’ songs, Lisa replied that both Finley and her sister knew who their grandfather was and enjoyed his music. Finley and Harper used to react affectionately whenever Elvis’ song play in public.

She claimed that she had no clue how well they comprehended the music of the numerous record holders because they were just 10 years old.

Marie said that although Finley and Harper’s grandfather was a legendary American musician, the two sisters were allowed to listen to any music they wanted. As Finley and Harper become older, Lisa reportedly stated that she wants to teach them the music skills their late grandfather taught them.

However, they appear to have great regard for their late grandfather. Marie also claims that Riley, Benjamin, and Finley all have a little bit of the late Elvis Presley in them, as do their siblings Riley and Benjamin.

Finley Aaron Lockwood Love On her father’s computer, she once discovered disturbing pictures.

Finley and Harper’s twin sister Harper discovered horrific images and movies on their father Michael’s computer when they were eight or nine. When she and Lockwood’s divorce fight was still raging in 2016, Lisa made the accusation.

In the paperwork she provided to the court, the daughter of the Heartbreak Hotel singer claimed to have found the pictures her girls had previously viewed on the computer. Marie shouted, startled and sick to her stomach at their appearance.

I had no clue that [he] had taken those pictures, and I was appalled, startled, and sick to my stomach. Considering my family’s privacy, I won’t go into detail about the picture-stated Sinking In singer.

What is Her Mother’s Current Net Worth After She Lost Hundreds Of Millions Of Her Father Elvis’ Money?

People naturally assume Finley’s only kid received millions of riches given Finley’s grandpa, Elvis, enduring fame, and all of his hits. That was Lisa’s situation for a while. Thanks to her father’s Graceland company, Lisa amassed a significant chunk of money after turning 25, which was around $100 million.

But by the year 2018, the now-54-year-old would lose everything due to her manager losing millions over the years. She quickly let go of her manager, Barry Seigel, after learning of her dire financial situation. She just had a little over $20,000 in liquid assets in 2015.

Unfortunately, court records from three years later revealed Marie owed $16 million in debt. Most of the burden was unpaid taxes, legal fees, and credit card debts. She split some of it via a string of poor investments in addition to her extravagant lifestyle. Since that time, Finley and Harper’s mother’s financial situation hasn’t been great. Her whole net worth has thus been calculate to be negative numbers. Her musical endeavors haven’t exactly helped.

Given that her father’s inheritance is reputedly valued at $500 million, Finley’s mother’s debt looks astounding. This is mostly due to Graceland, which his widow, Priscilla, offered to the public for visitation and other uses in the early 1980s. The estate of the performer of the song “Love Me Tender” was bringing in almost $15 million annually. There are also sales of items and branding.

Priscilla and Riley still have comfortable fortunes, with each of their net worths hovering in the tens of millions of dollars, unlike Lisa, her mother, and her daughter.

Aaron Finley Love Lockwood Other Details

Finley and her identical sister graced the cover of Hello Magazine not long after their birth.

During their parents’ divorce, the twins Finley and Harper once had to undergo a psychiatric assessment.


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