The Rise of Get Plattered: How Cheese Became Colorado’s Favorite Event + Gift Option

The Rise of Get Plattered: How Cheese Became Colorado's Favorite Event + Gift Option
Photo Courtesy: Mike Miller

In the heart of Colorado, a new culinary sensation is taking the state by storm. Get Plattered, an innovative business that merges the art of cheese plattering with eco-conscious practices, has redefined what it means to cater to taste and sustainability. Since its inception in October 2020, Get Plattered has experienced an explosive growth trajectory, now serving over 30,000 people annually per store. This remarkable journey from a budding idea to a beloved brand is not just a story of success but a testament to the power of simplicity, quality, and community engagement.

Get Plattered was born out of a desire to offer something more than just food; it aimed to create an experience – The GP Experience. With each meticulously curated cheese platter, customers are invited on a culinary adventure that explores new cheeses from across the United States and beyond. Seasonal offerings ensure that every month brings a fresh wave of excitement and discovery for cheese enthusiasts eager to dive into the world’s vast dairy delights.

The business model is straightforward yet ingenious – one menu item every month is available in various sizes and caters to different needs and occasions. From intimate nights in treating oneself, neighborhood BBQs, anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays to work functions – Get Plattered has become the go-to option for those looking to elevate their gatherings with high-quality food-focused centerpieces.

What sets Get Plattered apart is not just its commitment to delivering unparalleled edible experiences but also its dedication to sustainability. In an industry often criticized for its environmental impact concerning disposables, this company stands tall with its policy: all disposable products are either recyclable, biodegradable or fully compostable. “Platter With The People Who Matter,” their slogan encapsulates their mission perfectly – bringing people together over great food while doing their part for the planet.

This ethos resonates deeply within the community and beyond. Such is the allure of Get Plattered’s offerings that franchise inquiries have poured in from multiple states including Florida, California, New Mexico, Colorado itself and Arizona. As plans unfold to expand into these new territories through close franchisee partnerships, one thing remains clear – there will be no compromise on product quality. It’s this assurance that keeps customers returning month after month.

Behind every platter lies the expertise and passion of Get Plattered’s team of Platter Masters. These artisans continually craft exquisite assortments that not only tantalize taste buds but also spark conversations around similar likes and delicious pairings within groups, large or small.

As competition heats up in the edible gifts sector with Edible Arrangements finally meeting its match as indicated by enthusiastic claims within the industry – “Edible Arrangements finally has some competition when it comes to edible gifts – and we are so excited for the challenge!” – it’s evident that Get Plattered is on an upward trajectory poised for even greater success.

Social media buzzes with excitement as satisfied customers share their #GetPlattered experiences online. A visit to their Facebook page reveals a community bonded by a shared love for quality cheese and sustainable practices.

As more people seek out unique culinary experiences and environmentally friendly options for their events or personal indulgence across America and potentially worldwide soon enough – all eyes are on this Colorado-based enterprise readying itself for national expansion without losing sight of what makes it special: Quality products crafted with care served up with respect for our planet.

For those eager to join this cheesy revolution or simply learn more about what makes Get Platted so exceptional, you can visit or follow along on Facebook at The future looks bright (and delicious) as more cities prepare themselves for when they too can #GetPlattered!

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