The Black Authors Matter Tour: Elevating Black Authors’ Voices and Empowering Youth through Literacy

Black Authors Matter
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Nikko Toogood is a force to be reckoned with in the world of entrepreneurship, public relations, entertainment and philanthropy. The founder and CEO of N.D TooGood Enterprises, LLC., Nikko has made a name for himself through his innovative approach to building strong brands, relationships, and media presence for his clients. However, his brainchild, The Black Authors Matter Tour, has garnered the most attention in recent years.

Nikko understands the danger of a single story, especially when it is told by people not directly involved, so he aims to propagate African culture and stories through The Black Authors Matter Tour.

The Black Writers Matter tour aims to give established and freshly released black authors the chance to spread the lessons and anecdotes from their classic works worldwide. With the help of this platform, authors have a rare opportunity to interact with their readers in a personal, intimate way that is not available with other forms of digital media. Furthermore, this tour improves black representation in literature by giving authors of color a platform to shine, be heard, and be seen. These authors can illuminate and understand people from various backgrounds, enabling them to engage with and enjoy storylines that may otherwise be unfamiliar or inaccessible. Their journeys take them through numerous cities and nations.

The Black Authors Matter Tour is the most extensive international book tour highlighting black and brown authors. Since its inception in 2018, it has made significant strides in promoting a wide range of African-American authors and their literary works nationwide. In addition, the platform has enabled readers to gain unprecedented access to the authors’ distinct perspectives and narratives, allowing for a deeper understanding of the African-American experience.

In October 2022, Nikko took this initiative further and extended the tour to South Africa, bringing 45 Black and Brown authors to Johannesburg, Gaborone, and Kasane. This was the first time in the tour’s history that it had expanded beyond the United States and was a resounding success. As the initiative turns five, Nikko has expanded its reach to other global cities, including Paris, Cape Town, and more.

Nikko’s dedication to promoting literacy and improving the lives of children in developing communities has also led him to launch the South African Literacy Fund. This international nonprofit organization is dedicated to improving literacy by offering early childhood reading, life skills training, and other initiatives to help cultivate brighter futures for South Africa’s youth. The organization also explores innovative ways to keep up with the growing need for literacy aid in the region and empower locals with the knowledge they need for success.

Black Author Matter
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Nikko’s achievements have not gone unnoticed. He has been selected to be a speaker at the University of Oxford’s World Literacy Summit in April 2023, where he will speak on representation through literacy. He has also been nominated for the FORBES Next 1000 and was a U.S. Forbes 30 under 30 delegate.
Nikko has assisted numerous NGOs and authors through The Black Authors Matter Tour in a drive for literary social impact through panels, book signings, and a TEDx conference, as well as through adopted schools in South Africa, Hatti, and Cambodia.

Nikko’s passion for promoting black authors and improving literacy rates in developing communities has been remarkable. His innovative approach to entrepreneurship and philanthropy has created a positive impact that will be felt for generations to come. Through The Black Authors Matter Tour and the South African Literacy Fund, Nikko has proven that anything is possible with determination, hard work, and a commitment to making a difference.


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