Taqkiiyawna Samuels Inspires Go-Getters With Her Relentless Drive and Ambition

The entrepreneurial landscape has witnessed hundreds of thousands of individuals reach the summits of success through hard work, perseverance, and determination. However,  aside from grit and passion, it also takes great courage to dream big and aim high. For this reason, only those who are brave enough to go after their goals have succeeded in translating their visions into reality. One of the visionaries who dared to reach for the stars is Taqkiiyawna Samuels, the esteemed founder of Ice Cream Papers and Stick Digital. Today, she is recognized for creating significant waves in the industry with her two companies. 

As someone who has always been relentless with her pursuits, Taqkiiyawna Samuels was never afraid of taking risks and sailing through uncharted waters. In fact, it was because of her highly ambitious spirit that she was able to reach impressive heights and establish two distinguished companies, Ice Cream Papers and Stick Digital. On a mission to become a leading authority in the entrepreneurial realm, she continues to take huge strides toward the forefront of the industry. Because of this, she serves as a reliable source of inspiration for aspirants and dreamers from all walks of life. 

Widely acknowledged as a business visionary and lifelong risk-taker, Taqkiiyawna Samuels slowly transitioned from publishing magazines to media buying. This career shift enabled her to broaden her horizons and be more aware of what it is that she truly wants in life. Heavily inspired by human innovation and resilience, she has developed a soft spot for philanthropic causes benefiting the betterment of black children and families. By 2021, she successfully launched Ice Cream Papers and Stick Digital. 

Ice Cream Papers was established in Houston during the height of the covid pandemic. The brand was brought to life by two cannabis connoisseurs, including Taqkiiyawna Samuels. Its organic and 100% vegan pre-rolled cones are sourced from France. Moreover, each cone provides a clean and chlorine-free smoke with an even burn until the finish.

On the other hand, Stick Digital is an emerging advertising company that strives to bring big advertising options to small businesses. “We replace static signage with large displays screens in strategically trafficked areas. Our job is to create exciting marketing and promotion opportunities, just make it cost-effective,” Taqkiiyawna Samuels shared. 

Taqkiiyawna Samuels’ entrepreneurial journey is the perfect example of how powerful one’s ambitions can be. Had the luminary been timider with her dreams, she would not have become the power player she is known for today. With her personal story and experience, she hopes to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders and encourage them to be fearless in the face of adversity. 

In the coming years, Taqkiiyawna Samuels envisions herself leading two Fortune 500 companies that are well-renowned in the advertising and cannabis industries. With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, she believes that she can create a positive impact on the business landscape with Ice Cream Papers and Stick Digital. At the heart of her vision lies her purpose-driven desire to share her success with go-getters just like her. 


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