Tampa-Based ‘Higher Order Drink Smokers’ Elevates Craft Cocktails with Handmade, Flavor-Infusing Smokers

Tampa-Based ‘Higher Order Drink Smokers’ Elevates Craft Cocktails with Handmade, Flavor-Infusing Smokers
Photo Credit: Higher Order Drink Smokers

Higher Order Drink Smokers, a Tampa-based company specializing in handmade, hardwood cocktail smokers, is transforming the world of craft cocktails. Their unique and innovative smokers have captured the hearts of cocktail enthusiasts, restaurants, and bars, bringing an added dimension of flavor and aroma to drinks and dishes.

Each Higher Order Drink Smoker is carefully crafted to rest on top of your cocktail of choice. Once in place, these elegant devices are filled with wood chips and ignited, releasing a captivating smoky essence that enhances the drink’s flavor profile.

Owner Cole Miles, a proud Tampa native, explains the concept behind these smokers & how simple yet ingenious they are. They are quickly gaining popularity among those who appreciate the art of mixology.

The appeal of Higher Order Smokers extends beyond cocktails. These versatile devices can also be used to infuse a desired smoky flavor into cheeses and meats, making them ideal for charcuterie trays. They come in four types of wood:  Maple, Hickory, Cherry, and White Oak, each offering a distinct flavor profile to suit various tastes and preferences.

At the heart of Higher Order Drink Smokers lies a passion for fostering local talent and celebrating the art of the handmade. Each smoker is a testament to Tampa’s local artisanship, meticulously crafted by artisans who are not just employees but pillars of the community. These skilled craftsmen and craftswomen are carefully selected and trained by Higher Order to continue the tradition of quality workmanship. The company takes pride in providing quality work for great pay, ensuring that the value of their craft is recognized and rewarded. With every smoker they shape, they’re not just carving wood; they’re carving out better futures for local artisans.

The company’s commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in every smoker they produce. With a background in woodworking and architectural studies, the shop culture at Higher Order is rooted in an appreciation for materials and the art of handcrafting. Miles emphasizes, “The time and effort spent on each smoker is something that we hope shines through in the finished product.”

As the craft cocktail movement continues to evolve, Higher Order Drink Smokers invites cocktail enthusiasts to join them in revolutionizing classic cocktails by infusing them with bold, sweet, savory, and toasted flavors. Their mission is to provide an exceptional drinking experience that leaves a lasting impression.

With free returns within 30 days and free shipping on orders over $99, Higher Order Smokers is making it easier than ever for customers to elevate their cocktails and create memorable moments with every sip. Using Higher Order Drink Smokers is as simple as taking a pinch of their world-class wood blends, smoking for just 10 seconds, and enjoying a drink that has been transformed into something truly exceptional.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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