Talor Zamir Talks Journey from Pain to Purpose and the Launch of Organic Superfoods and Supplements Brand Peak Performance

Establishing a name and creating a legacy in one’s chosen industry are no easy feats. Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than generating millions of dollars and dominating the market to be respected and celebrated, especially if these endeavors are in no way rooted in a purpose beyond that of making money. Today, numerous powerhouses stand at the forefront of the entrepreneurial realm, but not all of them will manage to leave a long-lasting impression. Among those who are expected to do so is Talor Zamir, the mind behind the organic superfood and supplements brand Peak Performance

A highly driven and accomplished entrepreneur, Talor is known not only for his entrepreneurial acumen and strategic leadership of Peak Performance. Above anything else, he has succeeded in building a reputable standing for his cause-oriented initiatives and the heavy premium he places on using putting a purpose at the heart of a venture.

“I feel like a business without a cause can still succeed, but it is a hollow victory,” said the Peak Performance founder. This firm belief is heavily reflected in the way he runs his company, which is currently partnering with the nonprofit organization Vitamin Angels to give vitamins to children at risk of malnutrition. “We operate on a 1:1 match with them, so with every product a customer buys, we supply vitamins to a child for a full year.”

Peak Performance itself was launched because of a purpose – to help others achieve the health and vitality that Talor had found during his own journey toward healing. Debilitated by pain and inflammation throughout his body back in 2013, the entrepreneur had a rough road trying to recover. At one point, the pain was so bad in his arms that work was only possible with the use of voice dictation software. 

Like many others would do, Talor sought the guidance and help of medical practitioners, from chiropractors to specialists. However, the solution to his problems didn’t come from doctors, prescription drugs, and surgeries. 

“What I ultimately realized is that inflammation comes from inside you,” he shared. “Once I started changing what I put into my body, everything started to change.” 

Following the realization of the importance of proper food and nutrition, Talor dove deeply into the nitty-gritty of diets and supplements, researching the best out there. Eventually, he decided to use what he learned to start Peak Performance. Quick to rise through the ranks, it focuses on delivering nothing but the highest quality products made of organic ingredients and formulated in the U.S. Its impressive selection of vitamins and supplements are tested for safety and quality by an independent, third-party testing company. 

Right now, Peak Performance serves as a go-to provider of high-quality B vitamins, coffee, collagen, daily essential supplements, kids vitamins, organic and grass-fed protein powders, as well as organic superfood powders. Among its bestsellers is the Organic Delicious Greens Superfood Powder, a crowd favorite that offers over 25 cleansing, alkalizing, farm-fresh, nutrient-rich greens, wholesome fruits, and veggies. 


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