Talent On Edge: Taking Entrepreneurship to a Whole New Level

Photo credit: @smilenownyc

Talent On Edge was created by Shantae Menendez for virtual entrepreneurs who aspired to become successful. This online base home for entrepreneurs provided a free network where people can start their business. In this time of the pandemic, countless shops and business stores around the world were forced to close. Fortunately, providing basic goods and services continue through online entrepreneurship. Talent On Edge is one of the platforms which provides a space and opportunity for sellers to continue their passion for selling and business. As an online entrepreneur, who conducts business via the internet, the chances of becoming successful and wealthy is not impossible. There are a lot of online entrepreneurs who became multimillionaire CEOs and internet monoliths. Besides, everyone knows that excellent marketing resources are blogs and social media platforms. These are also some of the most cost-effective means of transmitting data to thousands of individuals. Internet marketing is incredibly relevant because it has a major impact on the way people make buying choices.

Right now, Talent On Edge is gaining popularity with over five thousand followers already. The platform helps entrepreneurs to feature their product or business online. The entrepreneurs can use the platform to go on live and connect with all the followers of the page, and of the entrepreneurs as well. The platform gave these entrepreneurs a seat in the limelight with the hope of growth, success, and productivity. 

“My goal in life is to have had a chance to do what I love to do,” creator Shantae says. “And I said why not do it but do it with a purpose and share that stage with others who pour out their passion into their craft as I do?”

Social media marketing is very risky and scary at the same time especially if the platform is not trustworthy enough. As for Talent On Edge, it assures the aspiring businessmen or individuals who love to sell that the platform is safe. 

“I myself have been able in my own modeling journey as a stud model to get some amazing brands under my belts like Dapper Boi and TomboyX to name a few,” Shantae added. “So I know this page and business has the potential to grow and go farther. It has helped me, and I know it will help others too.

Collaboration is one of the keys that Talent On Edge holds on to. It does not promote competition among online entrepreneurs, instead, it strengthens cooperation. Through cooperation, compliments arise and this can help the sellers inspire doing what they are passionate about. What is so advantageous about putting goods online is that it can help the entrepreneurs to extract data from the entrepreneurs’ equipment, goods, and services this means that they can access more accurate information about how their customers interact with their products. With the help of Talent On Edge, entrepreneurs can then use the data to understand trends, anticipate future needs, and adjust to meet consumer demand.

The Talent On Edge came from the motivation to give an opportunity for others. Its vision is to make a space for everyone to build their dreams in life. 

Learn more about Talent On Edge through their Instagram account. 


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