Taking a Journey Through Winery Shatiri’s Award-Winning Wines: Celebrating the Legacy of Vakhtangi Shatirishvili’s Wine Industry

Winery Shatiri
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Winery Shatiri, established in 2018 as a brand, has quickly made a name in the Georgian wine industry. The Shatirishvili family has a history of winemaking that spans five generations. It all started with Nika Shatirishvili, the great-great-grandfather of Vakhtangi, who began professional winemaking in the second half of the 19th century in Akhmeta, Georgia. He built an old wine cellar that still stands today as a testament to his passion for winemaking.

Nika’s great-grandson Merab Shatirishvili moved to Lagodekhi and continued to produce wine of various types. Through the initiative of his sons, Vakhtangi and Nika Shatirishvili, the family started a wine business in 2018 under the name Winery Shatiri. With a deep understanding of their family’s winemaking legacy and a commitment to producing the highest quality wines, Vakhtangi and Nika have continued to build upon their family’s rich history and establish Winery Shatiri as a top producer of Georgian wines.

These are the awards won by Winery Shatiri:

  • The Qvevri WineHunter Award Georgia 2022
  • Saperavi International 2018
  • International Qvevri Wine Competition 2019
  • International Qvevri Wine Competition 2020
  • The Best Small Winery 2020
  • Saperavi International 2021
  • International Qvevri Wine Competition 2021

It is worth emphasizing that these awards are a testament to the exceptional quality of Winery Shatiri’s products and reflect the company’s commitment to excellence in winemaking. The winery has received multiple awards from prestigious international competitions, indicating its reputation as a top producer of Qvevri Wine and Saperavi. The Qvevri itself is an egg-shaped earthenware vessel used for making, storing and aging the wine, while Qvevri wine-making is an ancient Georgian traditional method that is protected by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. These accolades also serve as a recognition of the dedication and expertise of the winery’s team, who work tirelessly to ensure that each bottle of wine produced is of the highest standard. 

Winery Shatiri has been making waves in the wine industry with many successes and accomplishments. The winery emerged victorious in the mini CreateAthon ‘Winethon’ contest, held during Global Entrepreneurship Week. This competition was designed to explore innovative and creative ideas in the wine industry, and Winery Shatiri’s unique approach helped them clinch the top prize.

Another significant achievement for Winery Shatiri came in December 2018, when the first international contest of Saperavi was held with the support of the Georgian Wine Association, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia, and the National Wine Agency. Winery Shatiri was a proud participant in this event.

In March 2019, Winery Shatiri had the opportunity to showcase its products at the International Food & Drink Event (IFE) in London. This prestigious event allowed guests to taste the wines and interact with the producers.

In May 2019, Winery Shatiri presented their products at Caspian Agro in Baku, Azerbaijan, and hosted the popular Lithuanian TV show Starkaus & Radzevičiaus kelionės, where the hosts learned about traditional Georgian wine-making methods.

The winery also participated in the Third International Competition of the Qvevri Wine held in June 2019, with the support of the Georgian Wine Association, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, and the National Wine Agency.

In August 2019, Winery Shatiri was among the Georgian companies that participated in the China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation Industries’ seminar on Alcohol Distribution Management and Promotion for Georgia, which took place in China.

In recognition of their outstanding work, Winery Shatiri and Chateau Ateni were named the winner of the ‘Best Small Winery’ award at the ‘Welcome to Georgia!’ National Tourism Awards. This award manifests one more time Winery Shatiri’s commitment to producing exceptional wines and promoting Georgia’s winemaking culture to the world.

Vakhtangi Shatirishvili has made notable contributions to various industries in Georgia and has succeeded as an entrepreneur due to his extensive experience and strong educational background. Over the years, he has established multiple companies. 

Starting from his primary education at Ilia Chavchavadze Lagodekhi Primary School, Vakhtangi Shatirishvili embarked on a journey of learning. He completed the Professional Programme in Public Administration at the University of Georgia from 2007 to 2009 and later graduated from the same university in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree.

Vakhtangi Shatirishvili’s career began with an internship at the Legal Department of the Chancellor of the Government of Georgia in 2012. He then worked at the University of Georgia Law School as an Assistant Director for several months. After that, he was appointed Executive Director of the Business Law Training Center, a position he held for a year from 2012 to 2013 until he established the “World of Lawyers” publishing house, which he currently oversees as the Founding Director. This publishing house specializes in law-related content and has become a prominent player in the publishing industry under his leadership. He has held the position of Executive Director at Autograph publishing house since November 2014, where he has contributed significantly to the development of the publishing house.

Vakhtangi Shatirishvili has demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for leadership and entrepreneurship throughout his career. He has held several key positions and established successful companies, impacting various industries in Georgia.

Vakhtangi Shatirishvili’s most noteworthy contribution to the business world was made in April 2018 when he established Shatiri Global LLC, where he currently holds the position of the Founding Director. This company, which has established a strong reputation for delivering high-quality services under his leadership, specializes in the import of polygraphic paints from China and the provision of services to businesses. The same year, he founded the Winery “Shatiri”, where he serves as the Entrepreneur and Founding Director. This winery has become a well-known brand in Georgia’s wine industry, owing to its exceptional quality wines and unique marketing strategies.

At the international exhibition of wine and alcoholic beverages in Vinexpo, New York, 26 Georgian wine companies were supported by the National Wine Agency, including Vakhtangi Shatirishvili. The event aimed to showcase the products of Georgian wine companies and discuss strategies for promoting Georgian wine in the United States with local importers and distribution company representatives. The National Wine Agency hopes that participation in such events will lead to greater diversification of wine markets and increased exports for the country’s wine industry.

In 2020, he completed the “Wine tasting course” at the prestigious Ana Godabrelidze Wine School. This course gave him a deeper understanding of wine tasting, allowing him to refine his skills as an entrepreneur in the wine industry. In 2019, he completed the 2nd level of the “Viticulture and Winemaking” training organized by the Georgian Wine Guild. This program focused on the fundamentals of viticulture and winemaking, providing him with a strong foundation in this field.

Vakhtangi Shatirishvili’s commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement is evident from the diverse range of courses and training programs he has undertaken. His proficiency in various computer programs and expertise in the wine industry demonstrates his dedication to his career and pursuit of excellence.

On May 12-13, Vakhtangi Shatirishvili will participate as a trade representative in the 2nd Annual Saperavi Festival in Finger Lakes, NY. He plans to showcase 12 wine companies from Georgia whose wine has not yet been available in the American market, with the primary objective of connecting these companies with potential exporters. His participation in the festival underlines his commitment to promoting Georgian wine and supporting local businesses, aiming to positively impact the wine industry by facilitating the exportation of Georgian wine to America.

Vakhtangi Shatirishvili’s story is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, not only in Georgia but also beyond. His successful career, built on a solid educational background, extensive experience, and unwavering commitment to excellence, demonstrates that anyone can succeed in business with hard work, adherence, and the right skills. His achievements are a clear attestation to the possibilities realized through hard work, serving as a role model for young entrepreneurs to emulate.

Vakhtangi Shatirishvili’s participation in the 2nd Annual Saperavi Festival highlights his dedication to promoting Georgian wine and supporting local businesses. His success story as an accomplished entrepreneur inspires young entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and acquiring the right skills to succeed in business.

Vakhtangi Shatirishvili has also actively involved in the international book industry, attending the London Book Fair in 2019 and the Frankfurt Book Festival in 2018. 

Vakhtangi Shatirishvili is an active member of the Georgian Farmers’ Association, joining it in April 2018. He has been instrumental in promoting and supporting the interests of farmers in Georgia. He served as a Member of the Executive Board of the Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association from 2015 to 2016. He contributed to the development of the publishing industry in Georgia by providing valuable insights and expertise to the association.

Vakhtangi Shatirishvili has taken several courses and training programs. In 2021, he participated in the joint training program “Digitalize your Business,” organized by GeoLab, the United Nations Development Fund, and the European Union. This program focuses on the latest digital tools and strategies to help businesses adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Vakhtangi Shatirishvili’s passion for wine producing and his deep understanding of his family’s wine-making legacy have played a crucial role in establishing Winery Shatiri as a top producer of Georgian wines. His commitment to excellence and dedication to the craft of winemaking has been recognized through numerous awards and accolades. 

Vakhtangi Shatirishvili’s achievements in the wine industry are a confirmation of his hard work, vision, and creativity, and Winery Shatiri’s success is a reflection of his exceptional skills in the industry.


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