Takeaway Tax Educating the Taxpayer on the Best Approaches to Compliances and Dues

The old saying goes, “There’s two things certain in life—death and taxes.” While some might argue little can be done to prepare for the former, the issue of taxes can be managed proactively year-round.  Bridging the gap is Yvonne Cobb, founder and CEO of Takeaway Tax Service LLC has taken the tax franchise industry by storm with her innovative approach as lead advisor, educator, and preparer providing new groundbreaking strategies for financial care.

With reinventing the way people think about taxes, Mrs. Cobb created a virtual and mobile experience to clients desiring tax advice and assistance. Leading with over twenty years of experience as an accountant, Mrs. Cobb established Take Away Tax Service LLC in 2014 ushering in a more accessible tax and accounting brand that meets the needs of the market without her clients ever having to leave home.  Mrs. Cobb envisioned a financial business model that placed virtual and mobility services at its core. By achieving this, she positioned her company years ahead of the inevitable pivot that was to come with the current pandemic.

This type of insight is not by chance. Growing up in a single-parent home in Houston, Texas, as the eldest of her siblings along with early motherhood shaped her determination, accountability, and foresight among others. After attending the University of Houston, she entered the arena of accounting, tax, and advisory head on. Through her diligence, professionalism, and networking she has gained a notable reputation in Houston for her exemplary work in tax and fiancé.

As a serial entrepreneur, Yvonne Cobb has grown into a self-made financial brand. Her portfolio ranges from leadership with the Ft Bend Chamber of Commerce, instructor for the Small Business Association Houston region, and has played a role as lead financial advisor in multiple corporate businesses in Houston and surrounding areas.   

With the success of Take Away Tax Service LLC, now running fifteen franchises across Texas and serving more than 2,000 clients annually, Mrs. Cobb is continuing expansion of the company in neighboring states.

Takeaway Tax Service LLC offers franchise opportunities to individuals who seek a career in tax and finance as many Americans deal with job loss and financial difficulty. Yvonne hopes that she can play her part in providing employment and business opportunities to those who need it by creating financial empowerment during these times of uncertainty.

Staying true to its namesake “Take Away” prides itself on the ability to take away the burden, anxiety, and negativity from this yearly chore. The need to offer more support to the tax professionals so IRS is confident that every tax preparer under the Take Away brand is meeting their due diligence while assisting clients in taking their taxes away”, boosts Mrs. Cobb. On top of running multiple businesses, the Takeaway Tax CEO also inspires others by becoming a published author to spread her financial knowledge worldwide in the next coming years.Yvonne hopes that the Takeaway Tax story will inspire others to start something for themselves and persevere through hardships just as she has. Today, her enterprise now runs in multiple cities and continues to expand every year. Learn more about Yvonne and Takeaway Tax’s story and franchising opportunities by visiting their website and Instagram profile.


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