Tagir Sitdekov – President of AFK Sistema Investment Holding

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Details of the Tagir Sitdekov biography

Tagir Sitdekov lives in the capital, where he also grew up, received a higher education in economics, and found success in his career.

Sitdekov Tagir is a graduate of the University of Economics named after the philosopher Georgy Plekhanov. He defended his thesis during the period when the school was still considered an academy.

Tagir Sitdekov later studied at an international business school, earning an Executive MBA degree – the highest level of management training designed for future executives and business owners.

Tagir Sitdekov has gone from a consultant to an experienced and strategic investment specialist. Having a thorough knowledge of the financial sphere and general economic factors, he is able to accurately predict the results and consequences of both his own and others’ decisions and actions several steps ahead.

Tagir Sitdekov’s career began as a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, a well-known international company that is part of the so-called Big 4 auditors.

The Tagir Sitdekov biography then moved to a subsidiary of a large international  bank. He worked at the financial giant as a senior consultant for two years.

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich’s next career position was as the financial director of the Sochi Thermal Power Plant (a strategically important energy facility providing a reliable power supply to consumers in the center of the resort town and in the area where the Olympic facilities are located). Sitdekov Tagir had a wide range of responsibilities, including financial planning and risk management. 

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich then began to actively pursue investment opportunities from around 2005, becoming a member of the top management team of a number of companies.

In 2021, Tagir Sitdekov was appointed to the position of the managing partner of a large and leading investment company, AFK Sistema. Tagir Sitdekov joined the corporation’s team at the height of the pandemic.

The corporation owns a number of assets in socially significant sectors of the local economy, such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema had an important mission during the coronavirus pandemic, which peaked in November 2021. About 40,000 new cases were being recorded every day, and with such a rapid spread, Sistema’s healthcare, pharmacological, and biotechnological companies needed Tagir Sitdekov’s able leadership. 

The manager supervised corporation’s private healthcare network, and under him, the Group’s primary admission clinics, diagnostic centers, and hospitals provided high-quality medical care amidst the pandemic, introducing modern approaches to treatment and diagnosis.

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich also contributed to the active development of a subsidiary pharmaceutical company within the Sistema corporation. Thanks to his leadership, the asset became one of the top ten players in the retail pharmacy market in the nation. The holding’s large-scale entry into the foreign market also began under Sitdekov Tagir.

Sitdekov Tagir oversaw the development of the Group’s scientific laboratory, where work in the fields of molecular biology, genetics and cellular technologies is underway. He is confident that this market sector will grow by 15% in the next five years.

Tagir Sitdekov, AFK Sistema: In the highest managerial position

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich’s accumulated knowledge of investments helped him bring the Group’s profile assets to a new stage in their development. 

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema was entrusted to head the entire corporation last summer, and one of the key areas of his work is sustainable development.

Tagir Sitdekov played an active role in the formation of the investment holding’s ESG strategy, which it first presented in October 2022. The Tagir Sitdekov biography has included a variety of managerial experience, which allowed him to build competent models for corporate development.

All of the Group’s portfolio assets are involved in implementing the ESG agenda. For example, the agroholding actively contributes to the innovative development of the domestic agro-industrial complex, ensuring decent working conditions for its employees, improving the standard of living in rural areas, and forming a sustainable supply chain of agricultural products. By using digital solutions, the Sistema subsidiary reduces its ecological footprint – its enterprises located in the southern regions of the country minimize the impact on nature through the rational use of soil resources, as well as the reduction of water and energy consumption.

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich is also particularly interested in the professional development of the youth, and last year, a scholarship project was launched through the corporation’s charitable foundation.

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema also implements a number of other socially relevant initiatives, including the nationally available career guidance lessons for high school and college students. Tagir Sitdekov has repeatedly stressed the importance of attracting a young workforce to the development of advanced sectors of the domestic economy. Various Sistema programs contribute to this goal.

The Tagir Sitdekov biography also includes his position as the head of the board of trustees of the corporate charitable foundation. The organization implements a wide range of programs and initiatives aimed at promoting the development of active and creative professionals, culture, education, and other areas.

The corporation’s charitable foundation has launched a grant competition aimed at finding and supporting the best practices of school-based career centers. This “First Workplace” initiative is another investment in the future, where companies can find ideal personnel, and young and promising professionals can find a place for career growth.


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