Surpassing Growth Expectations: How PhoneSales Produced Over $30 Million in Revenue for Clients

Surpassing Growth Expectations: How PhoneSales Produced Over $30 Million in Revenue for Clients
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When a business outsources its sales team, it can reap many advantages. The business can concentrate on its strengths and allow a specialized team to take care of the sales function, which they are experts in managing.

However, the idea of giving up control over the sales function can be unsettling for many business owners, and the question arises: how can they ensure successful outcomes when outsourcing their sales team?

One company, PhoneSales, is a sales agency that partners with businesses to boost their sales growth using a team of well-trained sales assassins. 

The founders of the company, Jovan Stojanovic and Sasha Stanojlovic, have trained over 450 salespeople who work commission-only. These salespeople have been successful in generating over $30 million in revenue for their clients. 

Their remarkable selling skills are reflected in the impressive commissions their sales teams are earning. According to Jovan Stojanovic, they have helped their salespeople achieve financial independence, with some earning over $50,000+ a month. Videos of these sales reps sharing their experience have surfaced on Facebook Groups. Outsourcing can also lead to cost savings for businesses, as it eliminates the expenses associated with recruiting, training, and managing an in-house sales team. In addition, some business owners may lack the expertise required to effectively manage a sales team and ensure its optimal performance.

Sasha Stanojlovic states, “Many people don’t know how to create an appealing offer that will sell. Some business owners can be arrogant and think that everyone should see the value in what they have to offer. This is not always the case.” As a consequence, they approach PhoneSales with an offer that is poorly constructed and wonder why it has failed to sell.

Before PhoneSales start selling on behalf of the client, they rebuild the offer from scratch to make it appealing to potential customers. Offer reconstruction is a crucial skill in phone sales, and PhoneSales are known to create phenomenal sales presentations that drive the success of the offer for each high ticket client they work with. 

In addition, their comprehensive sales solutions include appointment confirmation calls, appointment setters, and dedicated Chief Sales Officers, providing an in-house sales team – all without requiring equity. PhoneSales’ proprietary phone sales approach is both fast and effective, with closers trained on their clients’ offers in just 7 days or less.

The clients they serve have achieved remarkable success: Anthony, a seller of high-ticket offers from various niches, generated $200,000 in revenue within the first 6 weeks of their partnership. Ben, in the coaching space, was able to scale his coaching business to almost a million dollars within 3 months after partnering with PhoneSales. 

Jovan Stojanovic and Sasha Stanojlovic have taken their efforts to expand their market further by innovating the sales recruitment process. They recently launched a PhoneSales marketplace that operates like Tinder and Upwork, but specifically for hiring high-ticket closers and appointment setters. 

With close to 1,000 sales agents currently on the marketplace, it serves as an essential tool for those seeking to hire the top commission only sales reps, on demand. 


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