Successful Entrepreneurs Must Create Advantages Out Of Differences, Explains Katherine Grullon Cuervo

Katherine Grullon Cuervo
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Starting a new business and then sustaining it is always fraught with challenges. From researching a product to raising funds to developing a sales strategy, it requires enormous effort and diligence. Challenges and obstructions are several and often unforeseeable. The strain, pressure, and fragility of nascent ventures often overtake and make businesses vulnerable. Maria Ruth Cuervo, president and daughter Katherine Grullon Cuervo, the CEO of Distrivision, market leaders in women’s wellness products such as post-op / daily wear shapewear (Colombian fajas), body sculpting creams, athleisure wear and lingerie, help us to understand how to traverse the delicate phase of businesses with success and efficiency.

Turning Differences Into Advantages

A successful business is about spotting opportunities where there is none. The Cuervo family saw a gap in the women’s products in the shapewear and services market, also known in the Spanish market as Colombian Fajas or “Fajas Colombianas”. Researching the area in which a real customer’s need or issue exists and then identifying resources to mitigate that issue constitutes the right recipe for a successful enterprise. This is what Distrivision, under Maria Ruth’s and Katherine’s leadership, has done over the years, innovating its range of products that include the most successful Colombian shapers (fajas) voted as a preferred brand by medical professionals for post-op compression wear. Their past Colombian experience helped mold a novelty in the product range that leveraged the differences in perspective, turning them into strengths.

Developing a Sales Strategy

At the start, every business must find and engage with the immediate community in  a way to cater to their needs. Proper assessment of the target audience would help launch a product in the community. “Assessment of the community and building locally suitable sales strategy help business stay afloat and gain a foothold over time,” observes Katherine Grullon Cuervo. 

Think Globally 

“All businesses need scaling to sustain, and scaling is not possible if it remains localized. The select product or services must transcend the local trends and imbibe the variation or experiments happening in the other parts of the globe,” advises Katherine. The team must demonstrate a commendable stretch of the imagination to create concepts that would create a truly global product. 

Fresh Challenges

Katherine Grullon Cuervo
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Maria Ruth Cuervo and Katherine Grullon Cuervo, established in their business, still warn that sudden and unforeseen challenges are a constant reality. Be it the post covid economy, rising inflation, war, resource stress, or myriad other unexpected turns of events can cast a shadow at any time. An astute entrepreneur would do good to be watchful and discerning of all changes.

Humane Approach

While burdening the customer with the rising price is far from agreeable, Maria Ruth and Katherine find another opportunities to prove their worth here. They explain, “It can be an opportunity for more intimate and openness in the customer relationship.” Building trust and empathizing at difficult hours with the customers will consolidate brand reputation. 


Sailing through difficult times and challenges proves the worth and intention of a company. The turbulent rough and tumble of the market test the stamina and resilience of a business. The tough time is more likely to refurbish the inner fabric of the business and consolidate its position because the tough time paves for the team to scratch through every alternative that can shake off inefficiency.

Maria Ruth Cuervo and her daughter Katherine Grullon Cuervo have worked through all challenges, turning them into opportunities to make a more powerful and unique brand. This has made Distrivision the successful company it is today. To learn more about their story and brand, visit


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