Stepping Into a Pain-Free World with Orange Insoles

Stepping Into a Pain-Free World with Orange Insoles
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Pain can be a debilitating force that limits us from living our lives to the fullest. It’s surprising to know that a significant portion of our bodily pains stems from our feet’s misalignment. Addressing this unmet need in the market, Tom and Marsha Keenoy founded Orange Insoles with a vision to reduce unnecessary pain and improve body alignment. As the founders share, “We created Orange Insoles because we saw just how many people are stopped from doing the things they enjoy because of pain. With Orange Insoles, we can help you reduce pain and increase performance. We can help you feel better. Do More!”

At the heart of Orange Insoles’ product lineup is the innovative Orange insole. This product emerged from a recognized market gap for insoles offering both a deep heel cup for body alignment and a built-in metatarsal pad to balance the forefoot. What sets it apart is the deep heel cup that secures the foot, cradling the fatty tissue under the heel for enhanced shock absorption. Additionally, the metatarsal pad is a game-changer for alleviating forefoot pain.

Orange Insoles primarily target those who are trying insoles for the first time, especially people who spend extended periods on their feet—construction workers, athletes, retailers, and the medical industry. This demographic, which consists of 55% males and 45% females age range 35-65, often grapples with ailments such as hip pain, sore feet, and lower back pain. These issues can be attributed to factors like plantar fasciitis, poor weight distribution, or gait misalignment. By introducing strong underfoot support, Orange Insoles promotes body alignment from the ground up, addressing these concerns head-on.

Reflecting on the importance of alignment, one can draw parallels to a car. Just as a car deteriorates faster when out of alignment, our bodies also experience increased fatigue and susceptibility to injuries when not aligned. And while soft, cushioned insoles may feel great initially, they fail to offer the structural alignment our bodies need. For those enduring long hours on their feet, Orange Insoles becomes a reliable companion. It not only provides relief from foot, hip, and back pain but also ensures optimal weight distribution, thanks to its deep heel cup design. Additionally, the user-friendly Orange Insoles website offers guidance on choosing the ideal insole based on intended activity or shoe type, whether it be work boots, running shoes, or even cowboy boots.

Yet, Orange Insoles’ mission transcends mere commerce. With a commitment to health, the brand aims to empower consumers to do more in life – be it traveling further, spending quality family time, indulging in fun activities, or simply living more passionately. They aspire to foster a holistic wellness approach by not just delivering top-notch products but also imparting vital wellness education.

The brand’s ethos is built on the pillars of product innovation and quality, with a distinct focus on value. This reflects in their endeavors to keep their premium products economically priced, ensuring a wider audience can access relief. Furthermore, Orange Insoles’ relationship-centric approach underpins its dealings with consumers, vendors, employees, and manufacturers, emphasizing open communication, prompt follow-up, and unwavering integrity.

But what truly elevates Orange Insoles‘ stature is its humanitarian spirit. They extend a helping hand to those in dire need. Their charitable contributions, such as donating 100 insoles to a medical team heading to Haiti or aiding service personnel during Miami’s building collapse, mirror their commitment to societal well-being.

In the words of satisfied customers, “I have them in my shoes now.” This simple testament echoes the brand’s impactful presence in many lives. With the vibrant orange hue symbolizing fun and positivity, and the brand’s promise of a 60-day “We want you to be happy” guarantee, Orange Insoles is revolutionizing the way we perceive foot care. After all, as their tagline succinctly puts it, with Orange Insoles, you can truly “Feel Better. Do More!”


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