Spencer Vann’s “Surplus Cashflow” Passive Asset Investment: A Risky Venture or Reliable Option in a Fluctuating Economy?

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Surplus funds refer to the excess money left over after a property is sold at a tax sale. This can happen when the property sells for more than the amount owed in taxes, penalties, and fees. The government then holds the excess money and is owed to the previous owner, lienholder, or other interested parties. 

Surplus funds can be a way to recover lost money, and some companies and individuals specialize in helping people recover their surplus funds. It can be a lucrative opportunity for those who know how to navigate the process.

Spencer Vann, founder of Surplus Cashflow, is renowned for teaching over 5,000 students how to earn a 6-figure passive income through the surplus fund business model, a 100 billion-dollar industry.

Is Spencer’s promise of a “100% done-for-you passive asset opportunity” that is a “100% recession-proof” business a risky venture or a reliable option in a fluctuating economy?

The main advantage of this model is that individuals don’t have to sell anything. They simply give away money; therefore, it is clear that this business is, in fact, 100% recession-proof. Whether the economy is up or down, people still need and want more money.

Also, it does not rely on any single platform such as Amazon, Walmart, or Shopify for example, which can shut down your income stream anytime, without explanation. 

In contrast, Surplus Cashflow offers a reliable and stable service that is not subject to the whims of a single platform.

Noticing that surplus fund recovery was a little-known but lucrative opportunity, Spencer launched SurplusFund.com in 2017 to educate people on how to increase their income. Within a short time, he trained over 5,000 students and recovered around $500,000,000. Spencer filled the gap for individuals who had the potential to excel in business but lacked the skills needed to do so.

The company has case studies of investors who have made significant returns within a short amount of time. Charles, a former Uber driver, made a return of $45,000 per month in just eight weeks. Bernie, who had failed in previous investments, made $24,000 in his first 30 days. Luke, a successful real estate investor, diversified his cash flow and made $9,000 in his first month, which increased from $30,000 to $40,000 per month. Lee, a successful entrepreneur, made over $100,000 in gross income in his first month. Jay collected almost $100,000 in checks in a single day.

Spencer Vann has since decided to further train people on mainstream media. The industry leader has partnered with Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks from the hit show, Shark Tank, who has recently launched a new company, American Entrepreneur. The program features entrepreneurs across various industries and sectors and uses the platform to share their stories and what their company entails. On March 13, Kevin will host Spencer Vann on the show, which will be broadcasted nationwide and online to millions of viewers.

With his impressive track record, Spencer possesses the necessary experience, credibility, and tangible results to validate his success. He is taking bold steps in an industry that remains largely unexplored. As the trend of lost revenue continues to rise annually by an average of $6 billion in the United States, it presents a secure and lucrative opportunity for individuals seeking to generate a 6-figure passive income.


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