Southern Sky Brands Outperforms Competition through Their Formidable Team and Compassionate Practitioners

In the US, pain management is medical cannabis’ most popular application. Cannabis sometimes treats severe conditions like post-surgical or broken bone pain. Still, it is also very effective for treating the chronic pain that affects millions of Americans, especially as they get older. It is less dangerous than opiates. And that’s a fact that Southern Sky Brands wants more Americans to know.

The mission of Southern Sky Brands is to unleash the healing potential of the cannabis plant, and our passion is to offer patients with severe conditions access to high-quality treatment options. Southern Sky Brands is a farm-to-client-focused medical cannabis company with offices in Canton, Mississippi. “We didn’t get into the business for the income,” said Rachel, who runs our kitchen and all edibles for SSB,  “We got into the business for the outcome.”

People can’t “overdose” on Cannabis, making it, comparably, a safe substance. Some studies have found it has no addictive properties. Cannabis can be used in place of NSAIDs like Advil or Aleve since there have never been any reported overdose deaths from cannabis, and many people cannot take NSAIDs because of kidney, ulcer, or GERD issues.

Modern, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approved facilities, as well as getting FOCUS (Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards) certified allows Southern Sky Brands’ 70,000 square foot cultivation and processing facility to lead the way in producing safe, reliable medicine. We will be able to produce high-quality, dependable pharmaceutical products for many years, thanks to this cutting-edge indoor cultivation method. These are just a few characteristics that set them apart from other market participants.

Richard Partridge, Justin Mahfouz, Stan Martin, Matt Cranmore, and Glenn Taylor founded Southern Sky Brands. Under their direction, Southern Sky Brands has hired experts from around the nation,  dedicated to quality medical cannabis, progressing the field of study, and promoting the potential benefits of the cannabis plant for healing.

A group of specialists in cultivation, science, lab work, processing, edibles, tinctures, marketing, the cannabis industry, e-commerce, and retail customer service makes up Southern Sky Brands. Each has managed departments within multifaceted, multimillion-dollar businesses. This will aid the company’s expansion and ongoing success in the market, where it aims to become the most ethical and open business in the cannabis sector.

The ultimate objective of Southern Sky Brands is to advance the sector to assist more people. They have a committed group of experts with a kind heart who cultivate and produce cannabis medicine for specific illnesses. Southern Sky Brands is honored to be a pioneer in cannabis science and technology. They are honored to be Mississippians with solid roots in their home state and are looking forward to expanding understanding of cannabis as medicine.



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