Sore No More®: A Beacon of Pain Relief

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Sourced Photo

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Sore No More® Pain Relief stands tall with its deep-seated roots in pain management solutions. The brand’s enduring commitment to the creation of the world’s best wellness products is marked by its impressive 49-year journey as a family-owned manufacturing enterprise. “Sore No More® is committed to your health and wellbeing,” the brand’s motto, reflects its promise of delivering products that evoke trust and assurance.

Sombra Cosmetics, Inc., the parent company, established in 1974, set its vision towards producing high-quality wellness products. Its steadfast belief and unequivocal stand against harmful solvents, animal testing, and by-products cater to the increasing demand for sustainable and environment-friendly choices.

Sombra Cosmetics has been in operation for over 45 years, but it was only in the past 25 years that it began selling its analgesic products to health care professionals worldwide. Sore No More® products, distinguished by their unique blend of plant extracts and a refreshing aroma of Orange Peel and Witch Hazel, promise immediate relief from arthritic pain, muscle soreness, and inflammation.

Unlike other analgesics in the market today, Sore No More® is made without waxes, oils, artificial colors, and other harmful chemicals. The brand’s dedication to the environment extends to its manufacturing processes. It insists on using ingredients that are scientifically backed to relieve and prevent pain, in its manufacturing facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Each product undergoes rigorous testing in their on-site Research and Development and Analytical Laboratory to ensure it is scientifically functional and maintains a unique ingredient base.

Being one of the first wellness products to be included on store shelves such as Natural Grocers reflects the brand’s success and credibility. The numerous testimonials from satisfied customers over the years further endorse Sore No More® Pain Relief as the “Miracle Gel”, a testament to the brand’s successful journey and its commitment to a healthier world.


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