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Success Training Institute
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As the labor market continues on the trend of fewer job requisitions and increased job seekers, a competitive job market has only been heightened. This is the reality for 2023. With the complex landscape of work – remote, in-person, or hybrid environment – there’s a growing number of candidates flooding the online sphere for work, but they compete with countless others who either share the same qualifications or bring a unique flair to their resume. 

Keeping that in mind, now more than ever it’s crucial to find ways to stand out amongst the talent, and it goes farther than who you are on paper. The individuals who stand out don’t simply have a flawless resume, their soft skills are top-notch and key to excelling in the jobs that they land. ​​Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center found that 85% of job success comes from having well‐developed soft skills.

Dr. DL Wallace, CEO and founder of Success Training Institute, realized this during his time owning and running a company. Operating a business in the education space, he witnessed first-hand the detriment caused by the lack of soft skills among his employees. 

But it wasn’t long until he incorporated a solution to solve this. Through a brief eight-minute training session held daily, the ripple effects and positive impact became measurable. Big shifts were happening for his employees both personally and professionally.     

“Whenever you meet, greet, talk to, or share with people who are largely successful, you will quickly notice that they have fabulous soft skills; the ability to talk to, share with, encourage, and grow other people,” he says

But even Dr. Wallace struggled with certain soft skills. And before founding his company in 2014, he had to unlearn habits picked up from his childhood environment. 

As they say, you don’t know what you don’t know. Until you gain the experience to realize that some habits are bad, or come across a company dedicated to helping you transform into the best version of yourself, more likely than not you’ll remain stagnant when it comes to personal and professional development. 

That’s where Success Training Institute comes in. The company was built on a mission to deliver high-quality, powerfully effective online soft skills training with a singular goal: to help develop a successful business professional. With training focused not only on common soft skills but also on ones that encourage excellence in character, honesty, and team collaboration, personal development is attainable. 

Success Training Institute
Photo Credit: Success Training Institute

The Institute offers courses for individuals, but their main focus is on building bespoke training content for private institutions, corporations, and the like.

But what do the courses look like?

Dr. Wallace discusses how his company creates its soft skills training programs, and it all starts with looking at the needs of its clients. 

“Our model is so great because we’ve listened to people that are in the trenches with students every day, with employees every day, with diverse groups every day,” he says. “We’ve gotten feedback from them by continuing to ask: ‘what do you need most?’”

For individuals, the process begins with a 20-question pre-assessment to gain an understanding of the client’s emotional level. With that, the institute’s AI accurately recommends the courses they should take. 

To learn new skills, one must unlearn old ones that no longer serve them. This unlearning begins with a crafted course based on the individual’s emotional strengths and weaknesses to better target the “unhealthy” habits and replace them with healthy soft skills. 

“It’s not one size fits all. It’s training that fits the individual,” Dr. Wallace says. “Soft skills training has to be customized because we’re all different. Some need time management more than they need conflict resolution. Others need to manage stress more than they need to develop strong relationships. Some need focus and positivity more than they need other skills.”

For the private institutions and corporations that the Success Training Institute works with, that level of customization brings clients into the studio – to make custom-fit courses in creative collaboration with the Institution’s experts.

And with a professional team consisting of former business owners and entrepreneurs, current and former university executives and leaders, and corporate retirees, you know you’re getting the best training possible. 

To sweeten the pot, the courses are constantly being updated and analyzed to match the latest trends and most relevant skills people need. 

“And we don’t just focus on the what, we focus on the how,” Dr. Wallace points out. “We give our clients a formulaic process as to how to execute and then that comes with creating an acronym, a step, a memorable component.” 

But the team at Success Training Institute™ takes it another step further.

They utilize a video production team to create images based on the written script so that every part of the learning experience is interactive, engaging, and empowering. 

And the best part? Participants learn these soft skills through their mobile device, in 8 minutes or less. The courses are offered on a drip measure, meaning people can take them as they go, and, once completed, receive credible certifications. 

“When we talk about transformation, we don’t just mean transforming the individual that pays to take our course or the company culture of the organization that pays to take our classes. We want to be able to pay it forward as well as pay it back. And we want to transform the community in which those soft skills certifications are earned,” Dr. Wallace emphasizes. 

The company does this through an initiative called Global Success which aims to equip disadvantaged citizens with soft skills needed to get ahead in life. How it works is simple: each time an individual or company purchases a soft skills training course, a free course is donated to a victim of domestic violence, a disabled and or unemployed veteran, an at-risk teenager, or a single parent earning a living below the poverty line. 

When you work with Success Training Institute, you’re not just developing yourself and your team, you’re helping others in need do the same. 

Grow you while growing others – both personally and financially – with Success Training Institute

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