Show Me You Know Me: #samsales Founder Samantha McKenna’s Triumph in Mastering Record-Breaking Enterprise Sales and LinkedIn Executive Branding

Show Me You Know Me: #Samsales Founder Samantha McKenna's Triumph in Mastering Record-Breaking Enterprise Sales and LinkedIn Executive Branding
Photo Courtesy: Samantha McKenna

By: Tom White

As a high-powered enterprise sales leader, Samantha McKenna has emerged as a luminous name, orchestrating a symphony of sales success with unparalleled finesse and integrity. With a career spanning over a decade and a half, McKenna’s trajectory reads like a masterclass in strategic salesmanship, underscored by her fidelity to authenticity and buyer-centricity.

When asked to what she would attribute her success in smashing more than a dozen sales records and growing her consultancy to multi-millions in revenue, McKenna states, “I’ve built a career doing the opposite of almost every sales motion that exists out there…Focus on the foundations. Learn how to write a really great email. Understand how to use LinkedIn to build a network. Master the art of the discovery call. Figure out your tried/true process for prospecting.”

As a seven-figure-earning CEO, she says she still does every single one of those things every day. “Mastering these foundations will always pay off no matter what level you ascend to,” asserts McKenna, reflecting on the importance of honing fundamental sales skills.

As the Founder and CEO of #samsales, McKenna has defied industry norms and rewritten the playbook for sales excellence. With just shy of 100,000 LinkedIn followers, Sam holds an unparalleled distinction as a LinkedIn expert, including being one of the few people to be a LinkedIn brand ambassador and LinkedIn Sales Insiders. She has been creating content since 2011, has been an influencer on the platform since 2016, is a former Enterprise sales executive leader for LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator division, and was awarded the coveted Top Voice on LinkedIn award in 2024.

She says, “There is no better net for building a professional B2B brand than LinkedIn. People are coming to the platform in droves to read but so few are posting consistently once a week; let’s unpack that. People are coming to LinkedIn to read and learn, not to be sold to. If you want to win here, share content that teaches vs. pitches.”

“There are so few of us posting because the platform is not only mysterious to many, but they have the objection of, “Who cares what I have to say?” So many people care, and it’s exactly why we launched our LinkedIn Executive Branding line of business two years ago – to empower executives to build voices on the platform with our strategy, content, and guidance and to capitalize on the eyeballs reading with very limited traffic from their competitors.” 

In a landscape teeming with competition and market saturation, McKenna’s approach stands as a paragon of distinction. “Taking the approach of reaching out in a high-quality way aligned with our trademarked Show Me You Know Me method and then focusing on how to solve the buyers’ challenge rather than selling your product will mean you inevitably sell to them and in a faster way, to boot,” she elucidates, shedding light on her methodology for forging meaningful client connections.

She recently broke even more records during an course she presented on crafting the perfect cold email. The course reached tens of thousands of viewers in just hours, highlighting the power of her SMYKM method, which emphasizes the importance of understanding and connecting with prospects on a personal level.

When asked why she believes her approach resonated so deeply, she says, “It’s something that makes people feel at ease with its focus on the buyer and the effort, and because it works. Our buyers are so numb to scaled and veiled outreach – they’re begging us to show them we know them.”

“Growing up in Switzerland, manners were a massive part of my upbringing and SMYKM is an extension of this. I never want to rudely cold call someone or use salesy personalization-at-scale tactics in my emails or show up to a call unprepared – all those things strike me as rude and self-serving.”

She continues, “Instead, how can I do my research to not only open a door to my buyer in a smart way (for example, asking a common connection for an introduction) and then show up to our first call with an understanding of who they are and what their company is doing. This sounds like table stakes but it’s unfortunately still the exception.”

McKenna is also a torchbearer for inclusive leadership. She has cultivated an empowering work environment at the helm of an all-women team, with many members of her team being military spouses and expats, as well, in which diversity is not only embraced but celebrated. “We are super selective when we hire for key roles in our company – you need to have the same heart, values, and character that we do so that we can maintain the integrity of the culture we’ve built here,” she explains, highlighting her commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and camaraderie.

Dispelling entrenched misconceptions about sales, Sam champions a more sophisticated and nuanced approach to the profession. “My entire career has been built on saying that every myth and tactic used in sales doesn’t need to exist,” she declares, challenging conventional wisdom and advocating for authenticity and discipline.

Sam is also a sought-after luminary on the speaking circuit, regularly captivating audiences with her incisive insights and actionable counsel. “I always want to leave my audience energized and with a few things they can put into action today whether they’re 2 seconds or 20 years into their career,” she shares.

“Two things I’m known for on stage – energy and humor will always be a part of my delivery, and the tangibility of what you will learn from me. Nothing is more frustrating than sitting through a keynote that’s monotone and teaches you nothing but inspirational tidbits.”

Looking ahead, McKenna’s gaze remains firmly fixed on tangible objectives and strategic blueprints, laying the groundwork for #samsales’ enduring success.

“Goals need to be tangible vs. arbitrary,” she emphasizes, outlining her approach to goal-setting and strategic planning.

“This year, our goal has changed away from revenue and rather building the infrastructure of the business for what it needs to succeed in the years ahead. Rather than just running the engine as is, we’re taking a pause to restructure what will get us there vs. continuing to do what got us here.”

For more information on McKenna and her results-focused sales consultancy, #samsales, visit There you can learn more tips, tricks, and hacks to prospect like a pro in her Prospecting Playbook, which is now available. In addition to LinkedIn Executive Branding, #samsales also offers various services, including Sales Training & Workshops, Content Writing, BDR training, and more.

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