Shining a Light on Business Visibility: Cassandra Gabra and The Purple Panda Agency’s Transformative Approach to Marketing Creativity

Shining a Light on Business Visibility: Cassandra Gabra and The Purple Panda Agency’s Transformative Approach to Marketing Creativity
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In the bustling city of Rockdale, Sydney, a vibrant purple office buzzes with creativity, innovation, and tenacity. This space is home to The Purple Panda Agency, a full-service marketing agency that has been turning heads and raising standards in the industry. Founded by the driven and passionate Cassandra Gabra, this flourishing enterprise is a story of resilience, entrepreneurial spirit, and unwavering dedication. 

Cassandra’s journey into the world of marketing began a decade ago. In 2018, her entrepreneurial spirit sparked the birth of Aqua de Vida, an all-natural skincare line. “I knew nothing about starting or running a business back then, and I relied on a lot of people and agencies for all of my business needs. No one was understanding my vision and I even got ripped off a few times too”, Cassandra explains.

Taking the reins, Cassandra delved into website building, eventually revamping Aqua de Vida’s online presence, which led to a surge in conversions. But it was during the challenging period of the 2021 Covid lockdown that her true potential blossomed. With only her passion and bedroom for an office, Cassandra founded The Purple Panda Agency. 

Starting with just one client, the agency flourished, expanding to multiple clients, and ultimately establishing a vibrant office space with an enthusiastic team. The agency’s progress was fueled by word-of-mouth referrals and the power of Instagram, propelling them forward in the industry.

As the business thrived, Cassandra observed a significant demand for specialized marketing in the property, construction, real estate, and trade industries. A strategic thinker, she seized the opportunity, launching The Purple Panda Property

The Purple Panda Property is an extension of Cassandra’s commitment to providing targeted, innovative solutions for businesses. By helping businesses in these industries break through the noise, and reach their audience effectively, they are able to amplify their unique selling proposition.

Cassandra’s journey is not without heartache. She lost her older brother Ramez, a profound creative influence in September 2021, shortly after he designed the logo for The Purple Panda Agency. She states “I told Ramez about my idea to start The Purple Panda Agency and he was really supportive about it. We even had plans to work together and combine creative forces and I was really looking forward to doing that.”

In the face of sorrow, Cassandra discovered an inner resilience and harnessed the memory of her brother as a source of strength. She channeled his inspiration to ignite a fervent passion for the agency, propelling her forward with unwavering determination. 

Cassandra’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by both formidable challenges and numerous triumphs. Amongst these victories, The Purple Panda Agency was recently recognised as a finalist in the Local Business Awards, and Cassandra herself garnered a finalist award for Business Person of the Year.

Cassandra Gabra’s strength of character and unending motivation have not only led to the establishment of a thriving business but have also taken her beyond mere business success. With every achievement The Purple Panda Agency accomplishes, she fulfills her promise to her brother Ramez – to keep pushing forward, to thrive, and to make a positive difference in the world of business and beyond. 


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