Sherri J White Leveraging on Success to Help Others Get Ahead in Life

Some people use their success to enrich themselves beyond their wildest imaginations. Then some can enrich others in the process. Jeresha “Sherri J” White is known to be the latter, and that mission has attracted many people from all walks of life.

Sherri J White is an author and high-demand motivational speaker who speaks to women and teenagers about the power of entrepreneurship. She is the author of “Success Souvenirs,” a memoir that talks about her struggles and how she was able to overcome them. The book has become a vital source of inspiration for those having difficulties in life, especially those chasing after entrepreneurship. 

Sherri J’s journey in business started when she opened her first business at the age of twenty-three. Because she also loves children, her first venture was a daycare facility, which would see tremendous growth over the following years. In the last thirteen years as a businesswoman, she has improved her standing in life and many others. However, for the woman entrepreneur, her most significant milestone yet has been her daughter, who became an entrepreneur and first-time homeowner when she was only eighteen.

Sherri J picked up an AA degree in Communications at Georgia Perimeter College. After graduating, she dove heavily into entrepreneurship, learning all that she could so she could start her own business. Now, she owns three childcare centers across the Metro Atlanta region and has penned many books. Apart from her memoir Sherri J also co-authored “Mommy, I Thought You Said Black was Beautiful,” a children’s book that has become a massive success since its release. 

“Success Souvenirs” has now become a blueprint for aspiring business owners and thought leaders as it teaches invaluable lessons that have helped many overcome the hardships of starting a business from scratch. As the world opens up post-pandemic, more and more people are starting to leave their jobs and seek entrepreneurial opportunities to have more control. Sherri J White’s teachings have been pivotal for many people who want to get ahead by designing a life according to their terms. 

White began her journey as a motivational speaker and educator after realizing there weren’t many people who could do what she did. She shares her experiences with many so-called speakers and coaches who pretend to have some level of success but don’t have the substance to back it up. “After so many failed relationships with people who “look” successful but aren’t, it becomes discouraging,” explains Sherri J. “I decided to create my brand because I knew there was no way I was the only person going through this. Having the urge to connect with and assist like-minded women, but always being met with those who were the complete opposite.”

Beyond all else, Sherri believes in the power of being genuine. Her story doesn’t follow a “fake it till you make it” template. For the entrepreneur, author, and speaker, her faith in God has been the cornerstone of her success, built on determination and hard work. Now she hopes to inspire many others to make those the foundation of their own success stories.


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